6 Solo Travel to the Highest Mountain

Solo Travel to the Highest Mountain

Posted on January 21, 2013 by team

Elbrus is the highest mountain of Russia and Europe (5642 m above sea level). It’s hard to breathe on its top, you don’t gasp but it’s just hard to work or do anything (as if you’ve just run up on the tenth floor). One has to acclimatize first. There are some shelters for acclimatization on the mountain, but around are only snow and stones. So it’s better to walk somewhere near the mountain first.

If you try to do it without training, mountain sickness is guaranteed: severe headache, vomiting, and in the worst case – pulmonary or brain edema.

Day 1: arrival at Minvody city.

Day 2: first walk for acclimatization around the observatory (3100m).

The diameter of the dome is twenty meters (66 ft).

Such tower is located nearby.

Elbrus can be observed from here well.

It’s the monument to the cavalry regiment which blocked the way to the hordes of Division Edelweiss.

If you climb a bit higher…

… you will reach this ice base where you’ll feel you are the last person in this world.

It reads “bread”.

Day 3: coming by bus to Upper Baksan and going up to Syltrankel lake (3200m) to spend two nights there.

The night was spent not far from the lake at such a nice place.

Day 4: coming up to the lake.

Pitching a tent at the lake and climbing this peak of 3600 m.

Coming back to the tent and meeting such guests there. The goats are pasturing nearby being afraid of nothing.

When the cloud is approaching the mountain it looks like this…

Day 5: coming down to the valley and getting Terskol. Finding such avalanch guns there.

Day 6: coming up to Garabashi shelter on the slope of Elbrus (3700m).

Going to the “shelter of the eleven” (4200m). In the background is the observatory we have already been at.

Here’s another shelter.

Day 7: climbing to the rocks of Pastukhov (4800m), it’s already hard to climb and believe you can go up to the very peak.

Day 8: going back to the shelter, the weather is getting worse. A cloud is hanging over the slope. This man on the picture climbed Elbrus 209 times! The last ascent was made at the age of 110!

Day 9: ascent. The start is planned for 4 a.m., it’s still dark and very beautiful.The shadow of Elbrus lies on the clouds.

Many people are going up.

Caucausian peaks are towering above the clouds at height of more than 5000m.

Each step is difficult.

Only one slope remains, but it’s the hardest!

The victory is celebrated over there. That’s the highest point of Russia and Europe.


Here’s the view from the top of Elbrus.

It’s time to go down, but everyone is exhausted and the descent seems to be endless.

Leaving another stone on the top of all construction.

Try it yourself and you will never forget it!

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6 Responses to “Solo Travel to the Highest Mountain”

  1. gorfop says:

    want to climb

  2. Timhotep says:

    When I was at school, the highest mountain in Europe was Mt. Blanc!

    • smartypants says:

      which school was that? :)
      Elbrus, Russia (Caucasus): 18,510 feet / 5642 meters
      Mont Blanc, France-Italy: 15,771 feet / 4807 meters

    • Hansjörg says:

      It depends from the point of view. Some scientist count Mount Elbrus as beeing in Asia. The question is wheather Elbrus belongs to Europe or not. There are diffent views. So your school was not completely wrong.

    • Hansjörg says:

      German Wikipedia says the following:

      Die Frage seiner Zurechnung zu Asien oder Europa ist umstritten. Es gibt die Ansicht, dass der Hauptkamm des Großen Kaukasus die innereurasische Grenze bildet, womit der etwas nördlich des Kammes liegende Elbrus zu Europa gehören würde. Die andere Ansicht, die vor allem im deutschen Sprachraum verbreitet ist, legt die Grenze zu Asien nach Philip Johan von Strahlenberg (1676–1747) fest. Strahlenberg wurde vom Zarenhaus mit der Landvermessung beauftragt und versetzte die vorher geltende Grenze Europas vom Fluss Don in südöstlicher Richtung zur Manytschniederung nördlich des Kaukasus. Nach dieser Auffassung wäre der Elbrus asiatisch.

      Mit seiner Zuordnung zu Europa oder Asien hängt auch die Frage nach dem höchsten Berg Europas zusammen. In Bergsteigerkreisen gilt der Elbrus als höchster Berg Europas und gehört somit zu den Seven Summits.
      Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elbrus

      English Wikipedia says nothing about it.

  3. Hansjörg says:

    I was there in January 2000. It was to cold to climb on the peak but I reached the Pastuchow rocks. It was amazing and would like to climb there again.

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