0 Another Underground River of Moscow

Another Underground River of Moscow

Posted on January 20, 2013 by team

Rybinka is one more underground river of Moscow. It begins as a drainage system of the railway, then it comes into a ditch two meters wide (6.56 ft) and later into an arched section with height of about 1,6 meters (5.2 ft).

Here diggers need to have some chemical protection. The arch is about 300 meters long (984 ft).

Soon we come into the tube.

The bottom is rather slippery.

The smell is rather unpleasant.

The round tube is finally over, and we move into a rectangle structure.

Despite the smell and the fog it’s nice to be here.

One can go through this “egg” for about 150 meters (490 ft).

“Chelnokov” – someone’s surname is written on the brick wall.

It’s nice to be here with a boat.

Let’s get inside the “egg”.

Someone’s names are written here as well.

The level of the water becomes only higher. One can reach the portal only by boat.

The sewer’s length is nearly 4.5 km (2.8 miles). It’s one of the dirtiest Moscow rivers: grey water, unpleasant smell and many alluviums. Most of the hatches do not open so one has to overcome long distances when being there.

Location: Moscow

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