18 School In Yakutia

School In Yakutia

Posted on January 17, 2013 by team

When it is below -45C (-49F) schoolchildren from first to fifth grade do not go to school. When iy is colder than -47C (-52.6F) eighth graders are also permitted to stay at home. When it becomes as cold as -50C (-58F) all children miss school classes. Many years ago they didn’t go to school but they didn’t stay at home either. They came outside and played different winter games. Today they prefer the Internet and video games.

We are going to visit one school of Yakutsk right now.

Meanwhile the temperature is – 46C (-50.8F).

This school is one of the best in the city. Today they have 700 pupils and two branches.

It starts from the bright building.

They have many warm clothes on!

Timetable hangs on the wall.


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18 Responses to “School In Yakutia”

  1. Tiger says:

    looks better than most schools in Germany :)

  2. Sindbad says:

    In Yakutia they are’t any russians?

  3. tea pot says:

    Mongol descendants with a coating of slavic culture.

    • lalalabomba says:

      Yakuts are of similar descent as native-american far north tribes that live in alaska. They are as much Mongol as they are Cherokee. Juss saying.

  4. MikefromCanada says:

    Nice school. The children look very happy.

  5. Muulis says:

    What is the language present in the all texts in the images? (not Russian – the other one in kirilyc script)

  6. Marat says:

    Yakut (Sakha yakut.) – Yakut language belongs to the Turkic group of languages.

  7. Osip says:

    Photos 2 and 3…why they show children shooting the guns???!!

    • Barbar says:

      Ad for some children bench championship. Yakuts, just like chukchi, mansi and other northern natives are naturally good at shooting, being born hunters. It’s their favorite sport.

  8. Nobody says:

    This is propaganda.

    • Anixx says:

      This is a good school only because it is for ethnic Yakuts. Russians have no chance to study in such school.

      • Sanya says:

        Oh, that’s no true. That’s because this school is common and with specialty in native language. In the best school in yakutia, republic lyceum, are studied both of nations: russian, yakutsk, and also national minorities: evenks, evens, dolgans, ekagiry and others of many nationalites in Russia. Yes, we have not strong enough economy and infrastructure, but at least, in yakutia, we still can get good education

  9. citizen says:

    Americans looking forward to bring freedom and democracy to Yakutia. ready to kill innocent peoples as thay just do all around the world, Iraq, Afganistan, Suriya, Kosova, Vietnam, Korea, Mali, Sudan, Somalia, Colombia, Venezuela ,,,,, Coming closer to Russia

  10. Marco says:

    Beautiful school. Disciplined and happy children. In a far off corner of Russia.

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