3 Happy Winter Swimming

Happy Winter Swimming

Posted on January 17, 2013 by team

They do not spend money for medicines because they do not fall ill. These grannies look 15-30 years younger than they are without any plastic surgery. Though not only their bodies are young but souls as well. The secret of their health is ice cold river water in which they swim every morning.

For a woman aged 72 it’s nice to hear she looks as a woman of 50 y.o. Though Svetlana does not keep her age secret.

She has been swimming in the cold water for 32 years. Every day.

Svetlana had been suffering a lung disease before she turned 45 years old. Five years of winter swimming fully healed her. She started to sleep well and feel much better.


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  1. Thinking is great says:

    RESPECT! I hardly get out of bed when it gets -25°C outside. I just might give this a try ;)

  2. A.Oscar says:

    What the mind could do to any human: thoughts in real life could change from one subject into the other; if you sick and real suffer with pain, may get involved with others which already one of them was taffy enough to proved all in the mind when is cold. Then for some of them mind of matter; won thought made them get real good from the sick problems them have had. Not everybody could do this; but some of them encourage the others to do what some have done. I studding the human behavior with myself and the others for decades, and still learning not just what the others doing, also with myself too. Most of what you may doing always in your mind; included food and sex, only could get stronger when laps for some time, which depend in the person behavior himself. Nobody is the same; and that have to do with the type of environment you’re passed past to you. A.Oscar

  3. skopeil says:

    the place where they change thier cloth was so dirty…

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