11 Craziness, Part XII

Craziness, Part XII

Posted on January 17, 2013 by team


Today in the selection of awesome craziness: a bit of cemetery humor, frozen faces, weird toilets, army and police fails, crazy cars, cats exhausted after the holidays and much more to put a smile on your face.



We hope you were smiling while seeing this!

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11 Responses to “Craziness, Part XII”

  1. citydog says:

    The poor dog in the last picture. :( (And no, it’s not the same thing as a dog carrying a puppy that way. That’s an adult dog.)

  2. Birdy says:

    Beautiful girl on the picture with the two heads! (the left one!) <3

  3. Maria van Overbeek says:

    The ‘porno-bride’ is awesome !

  4. Osip says:

    Black rectangle needed for bride upskirt photo.

    • cockatrice says:

      Agreed, the naked chick and bride photos are reversed on that matter. Naked chick has far less exposed, so unless she had a stub tail, there’s nothing to cover.

  5. cockatrice says:

    The Tail of the Cheap Knives and the Hard Cheese.

  6. chicken leg says:

    for the picture above the mushroom lady. in the blue heart frame is the french adult film actress – Clara Morgane. yes. I need to get out more.

  7. Lopez says:

    You block out nipple but are okay with showing animal cruelty.. Way to go administrator

  8. doobie says:

    The guy being bitten by the German Shepherd is a US Navy sailor. Source: I wore that uniform every day for four years, it’s unmistakable..nothing like the chinese or russian equivalents. Definitely NWU’s

  9. Bumpkin says:

    Weird how the electrical outlets are located so high on the walls

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