3 Business Idea: Grow Oysters in Your Garage

Business Idea: Grow Oysters in Your Garage

Posted on January 17, 2013 by team

Today we are going to see how seafood is grown in a Russian city Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. It where you are served such tasty oysters and where you can visit a special farm these oysters come from.

They grow seafood in this building.

Inside the pools are containers with mollusks.

They work with special instruments and in gloves.

Here you can watch oysters, scallops and sea cucumbers.

The sea cucumber is up to day “Hello”!

It’s a compex system of sea water supply.

This is a sea cucumber again.

Such compressor is used to supply oxygen to the water.


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3 Responses to “Business Idea: Grow Oysters in Your Garage”

  1. René De Beaumarchais says:

    Miam miam Russian oysters!

  2. Dev says:

    these look very good

  3. Pedro says:

    do not touch the water. why? poison? hands can contaminate water?

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