1 Car Making In Saint Petersburg

Car Making In Saint Petersburg

Posted on January 16, 2013 by team

This Hyundai car making manufacture is located in St. Petersburg. All process of car making happens here, on the territory of the factory. They press parts, paint and test them.

Yellow cranes are moving under the ceiling, they lift heavy steel rolls and other parts. Steel sheets go to the pressing shop. On the lower storey is a warehouse.

You can see how complicated this staff is.

Three hits of the press and the part is ready.

This machine helps to turn the stack with workpieces for 180 degrees. It allows not to use different workpieces for right and left sides and wings.

The parts are marked and stored in the shop. It’s the lowel level – the parts are placed, stored and separated according to the plan.

All details of the body of the future car are made. The will be connected in the welding shop.

The shop is full of supermobile machines. There are seven lines with the robots.

This is how they weld the parts. First of all the robots “bite” all the details through and then a beautiful silver car is assembled from them.

Aplying a VIN code on the body of the future car. It contains information about the manufacturer, technical specifications and a year of manufacture.


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