3 Lighthouse of Basargin: the Faithful Companion of the Ships

Lighthouse of Basargin: the Faithful Companion of the Ships

Posted on January 14, 2013 by team

Vladivostok is a city at the sea and it has a lot of lighthouses. Each of them has its own unique history. One of the most famous and interesting ones is the Basargin lighthouse standing at the main sea gates of the city.

It has been an important navigation base for ships for 75 years. Besides, it’s one of the symbols of Vladivostok. When ships enter the port of the city they are guided by two lighthouses – Basargin and Skryplev ones.

The lighthouse was named in the nineteenth century after the cape of Basargin which is the outermost on the peninsular.

Viewing the Russkiy Bridge from the Basargin peninsular.

The lighthouse of Basargin was erected in 1937. Its first tower was from wood and it had acetylene flame. So it is still registered as a sea mark, not as a lighthouse.

In 1958 the wooden tower was replaced with a stone one. The new one was eight meters high and stood twenty eight meters above the sea level.

Nautophone emitters are located on the tower.

The range of the beacon is twenty miles.

For half a century the lighthouse of Basargin has been providing safety of the ships sailing to Vladivostok, the largest port of the country in the Russian Far East.

The dog named Plague (Chuma) is guarding the lighthouse.

Mishka is another guard.

“Caution! The territory is guarded by the dogs”.

The greenlight is always on.

The beacon is a reliable companion of ships in any weather, at any time, it continues to meet and escort ships.

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