10 First Days After The Hurricane In Kazakhstan

First Days After The Hurricane In Kazakhstan

Posted on January 14, 2013 by team

On January, 12th several Kazakh regions suffered from the unexpected hurricane. People had to stop their work or stay at home.  We are going to visit the regions and see the aftermath of the hurricane.

The wind power was 30-45 meters per second: many trees were uprooted, metal power poles were broken, roofs were torn off from houses.

The rescue equipment failed to get the regions because of the sand-stone storm that was strong enough to wreck cars, leave holes in metal parts and break glass.

More than 100 concrete and 80 wooden poles fell from the wind. Еут kilometres of electrical wires were torn. The city was fully de-energized and had neither central heating nor hot water.

The locals say it was the first time they saw something like this. It was scary to be outside but even more scary it was to be at home – without light and warmth. They say it was like a doomsday.

The next day after the hurricane fourteen tons of fuel, drinking water and food were sent to the city of Karatau. More than five thousand people came to two rescue points for food and warming up.

Children are those who worry less. They play as always, use fallen trees as swings and wrecked metal as imaginary shields from enemy bullets.

Administrative buildings and hospital suffered too.

People get the necessary help but still there is a problem with water. They even fought for it. But everything is going to be fine soon.

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10 Responses to “First Days After The Hurricane In Kazakhstan”

  1. xm3 says:

    All trees painted white, what for ???

  2. Mike Swindle says:

    Ron is correct……. Igor, this is called a Tornado in English, your translator was incorrect. To xm3, the trees are painted white for keeping out wood boring bugs. It use to be common in the Southern USA. Thanks Igor for all the cool pictures!

    • Macsen says:

      Love the pics, and I’ve seen trees, here in Canada, painted white on the base, but more for reflective qualities than bugs, as the white base makes them more visible. I suppose they could be for either purpose.

    • Bumpkin says:

      It isn’t and never was common to paint trees white here in this part of southern USA. Did see alot of it done in Indiana though.

  3. jebu says:

    Hurray Hurray Hurricane! ;)

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