10 Salmon And Caviar Snack: Perfect With Vodka!

Salmon And Caviar Snack: Perfect With Vodka!

Posted on January 10, 2013 by team

It is Monday evening, you have just come back from work and expect a friend  or a neighbour to come soon. He will be disappointed if you do not treat him to a shot of vodka. But you realize you do not have a proper snack…

Well, what about salmon with sour cream and caviar sauce? It’s going to be perfect with vodka!

You do not need much time to make it.

The needed ingredients are:

salmon fillet – 200 grams (do not take too salty one);

– bacon – 150-200 grams (or the same number of slices as you have from the salmon);

– sour cream – 200 grams;

– red caviar – one teaspoon;

– one lemon;

– lettuce, pepper, salt.

Of course you can put this all on bread and eat. But it’s too banal. We better cut the salmon into slices and sprinkle them with lemon juice.

Then you can salt and pepper them, but be careful – the bacon and salmon can already be rather salty. And the caviar is salty too.

Carefully roll the slices.

Each salmon roll should be wrapped in the bacon slices. It’s not so easy, be careful.

Then put them on the pan covered with foil.

The rolls need to be in the oven heated up to 180C for 3-5 minutes.

It is time to make the sauce. Take the sour cream…

Add the red caviar and chopped remains of the lemon in the sour cream.

Mix it up! The sauce is ready!

Meanwhile we take the fish and lard out of the oven and vodka from the fridge. Then we put the snack on the lettuce and on the plates and cover it with the ready sauce, of course.

But remember – vodka is our enemy!

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10 Responses to “Salmon And Caviar Snack: Perfect With Vodka!”

  1. Nobody says:

    Less vodka, more democracy.

  2. VAE says:

    Less morons, more vodka.
    As Terry Goodkind said, Democracy in and of itself is not necessarily good. Gang rape, after all, is democracy in action

  3. Kirill Ryabkov says:

    >He will be disappointed if you do not treat him to a shot of vodka.
    RORFL :D ><
    Actually Russian mostly drink beer – especially the youth.
    Drink vodka on major holidays, and that is not all.

  4. Offf says:

    to say “less vodka” is SO WRONG in SO MANY WAYS its even hard to describe.
    There is no such thing than “too many vodka” in existence.

  5. liptonius says:

    That is some seriously superior bacon when I compare it to the stuff available in my area.

    Salmon is approaching $16/lb for Atlantic farm-raised,and finding fresh or even preserved salmon roe?

    A ‘snack’, with some quality vodka that I would reserve for an attractive young lady, upon whom I had friendly (and lovingly sweaty) designs.

    NOTE: needs a thinly-sliced cucumber or some melon on the side to cut the salt and fat…

    But that’s just my take.

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