9 Meat Pasties Made By the True Expert

Meat Pasties Made By the True Expert

Posted on January 7, 2013 by team

This man used to work with the Crimean Tatars in a cafe which sold tasty pasties “chebureki”. That recipe had not changed for 50 years! He still remembers how to do it and what the first products he needs are water, two kilograms of flour, salt. The cook starts making dough.

The flour needs to be sifted. We make a hill from the flour and a hollow on its top to put salt and 700 ml of water there.

We start kneading the dough and adding some flour all the time.

We also moisture the dough in the process.

Then we form the whole piece from the dough and put it aside for an hour.

It’s good to combine lamb meat or veal with mutton (we need 1kg 200 grams in general). Besides we need to add 400 grams of fat-tail fat to the mince.

Add some water while chopping the meat.

The onion should be chopped finely with a sharp knife. Then it must be salted and pressed heavily or beaten with a hatchet. Do not mix the onion with the meat so far.

The dough should be cut into three pieces and stretched out.

Make such roundish pieces from the dough.

Watch the hands!

Look how he does it!

Sprinkle the pasties with some flour to prevent sticking and put them into a plastic bag for some time.

Get back to the mince. Onion, chopped fresh herbs – dill and parsley – black pepper and spices as much as you desire, and half a litre of nice broth. What remained from the meat can be boiled to get the broth.

We start rolling the dough out thinly.

Put 1,5 spoons of meat on the dough circle and fold it in half.

Cut it with a special figure wheel along the seam. They should not lie this way for long!

We need a lot of oil for frying. Do not use a cheap one. The temperature of frying should be about 220C. The chebureki are fried for about three minutes. The cooking pot should not be too deep. It should be wide.

What we have are tasty, light, crispy, golden chebureki! It’s pity you can’t feel the aroma!

Try yourself!

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9 Responses to “Meat Pasties Made By the True Expert”

  1. Thinking is great says:

    Oh, looks like a treat! :)

  2. komar says:

    thank you i like to eat, but now i know how to do.

  3. Karjala Takaisin says:

    Miksei toi kokki istu taikinan päälle, niinhän emännät tekee karjalanpiirakoita…

  4. popalumi says:

    Le maninc cu ochii.

  5. Yank says:

    I want some! Maybe will get the ingredients soon and try this at home :D

  6. sinan says:

    My family is from Crimea and this brought back my happy childhood memories !! My grandma used to cook tons of this stuff and god!! It is never enough !! Never ate anything tastier. It has to be made properly though. Not so easy…

  7. Mario says:

    Coronary heart disease guaranteed lol

  8. alisa says:

    in Indonesia, it’s called Pastel…. but the edges were curling up, not flat like that

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