2 The Most Powerful Serially Produced Helicopter

The Most Powerful Serially Produced Helicopter

Posted on January 6, 2013 by team

Mi-26 is a Soviet/Russian heavy transport helicopter. In service with civilian and military operators, it is the largest and most powerful helicopter ever to have gone into production.. The first flight was performed in 1977. The airplane is still assmbled at the Rostov helicopter manufacturing plant.

Here you can see some pictures of a Mi-26T.

The vehicle can transport up to twenty tons of cargo.

Equipped with special systems of load stabilization during a flight, systems preventing swinging, the systems of working with cargoes with a minimum number of operators, this helicopter is in the ongoing demand in all parts of the world, on all continents.

The world records repeatedly set by the plane in weightlifting at different heights, allow the machine to operate at high altitudes. Among some unique operations of Mi-26 are:

- transportation of a sailplane Tu-124SH with weight of eighteen tons in 1986;

- lifting a Mi-8 after its crash landing at the height of 3200 m at the Caucasus and its transportation to Tbilisi in 1988;

- transportation of a jet-boat Be-12 from the place of its crash landing;

- an unusual operation In New Guinea of extracting a ten-tonned Amrican bomber of the WWII times destroyed by the Japanese from the swamp in 1994;

- complex assembly and decontamination operations at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant;

- evacuation of civilians during the armed conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh;

- participation in UN peacekeeping operations in former Yugoslavia, Cambodia, Somalia, Burundi, East Timor;

- countless operations of mounting TV towers and radio transmitters, power lines and communication towers;

- transportation of Buddha statues and other monuments in the mountains;

- transportation of an architectural composition with mass of eleven tons from Rostock to Berlin and of a fifteen-tonned excavator.


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