7 Abandoned Foundry Number 6

Abandoned Foundry Number 6

Posted on January 4, 2013 by team

Factories are wonderful and we can visit them endlessly. One year replaces another but we still like to come to places abandoned years ago or operating ones. This is foundry № 6 of one industrial giant company.


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7 Responses to “Abandoned Foundry Number 6”

  1. nyuszy says:

    Probably it’s not fully abandoned, too much metal left there.

  2. Richard S. says:

    How much more of abandoned factories can we take? How about abandoned and ghost railroads for a change.

  3. Avenger says:

    The first picture: somebodies bread is on the chair…can’t be too abandoned.

  4. Russian says:

    The table name reads ‘Dynamics of defects’ or something like that, this statistics is purely production-related. Don’t use machine translation.

  5. Madak says:

    The wood paneling of the office of Deputy head of the production is beautiful. I wish that we still decorated offices that way today.

  6. gfhgrh says:

    poor Robotron EC1834 computer rotting there :(

  7. aydın says:

    after falling of the soviet union russia turned on to abadoned sad story

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