5 Two Large Russian Shipyards

Two Large Russian Shipyards

Posted on January 3, 2013 by team

Here are some photos from the two largest shipyards of Saint-Petersburg: “Baltic shipyard” and “Admiralty Shipyards”.

The second one is one of the oldest shipyards in all Russia. It is also the first industrial company of St. Petersburg (since 1704).

For the period of more than 300 years the shipyard built more than 2600 ships of various types and classes: the first Russian ships, battleships and cruisers, the world’s first nuclear-powered icebreakers, research and submersible vehicles, tankers, more than 300 submarines of different projects that have no analogues in the world shipbuilding.

A submarine is being built.

They plan to build three submarines for the Black Sea Fleet in the nearest time.

The stealth submarine of project 636 is called “the black hole in the ocean” by foreign specialists.

Plasma cutting.

“The Baltic shipyard” is one of the leading shipbuilding companies of Russia. It is the only Russian manufacturer of large propellers weighing up to 70 tons with a diameter of up to eight m in bronze and brass.

Slipway “A” is the largest in Russia (it is 350 meters long (1150 ft)) and allows to launch vessels with deadweight up to 100 000 tons.


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  1. tea pot says:

    pictures of heavy industry on E.R. are just amazing. it’s pure engineering porn.

  2. komar says:

    very good

  3. Osip says:

    Hull plates for submarine are very thin.

    • Name says:

      What you see there isn’t the pressure hull, it’s the outer hull. The outer hull is just for noise reduction and hydrodynamics, it is drawn over the inner hull like the worlds biggest condom.

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