6 Who Is Santa Today?

Who Is Santa Today?

Posted on January 2, 2013 by team

What person is hiding under the beard of Father Frost (Russian Santa)? And that cute girl, his granddaugher ice princess Snegurochka, who is she in real life? We are going to unmask some of them right now.

This post is strictly forbidden for kids younger than six years old!

Diana, 23. A lawyer by profession, she has been working in the entertaining sphere for four years.

Ainura, 23. A student and an entertainer (for one year).

Galina, 17. A student and a model. She has been also working as an entertainer for two years.

Alina, 20. A student. She has been working as an entertainer for thirteen years!

Christina, 18. A student of a marketing college. She has been working as an entertainer for two years.

Katya, 22. She has been working as an entertainer for two years. She is going to become an engineer in future.

Alina, 25. She has been performing at New Year parties for the second year. She had worked in a bank before that.

Michael, 22. Radiotrician. Has been working as a Father Frost for two years.

Olzhas, 22. Student. It’s the first year he works in the sphere of entertainment.

Roman, 20. Cook by profession. He’s been Father Frost for three years.

Ilyas, 24. Programmer. A beginner in the sphere of entertainment.

Batyrbek, 22. Has been Father Frost for three years.

C-walk champion of Kazakhstan, dancer.

Dmitry, 18, a beginner in this sphere. A college student.

Alan, 21. A future engineer. He’s been working as Father Frost for two years.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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6 Responses to “Who Is Santa Today?”

  1. Nobody says:

    Russian Santa looking drunk.

  2. Piotr says:

    But… but… I thought Santa was for real? You have ruined my life!

  3. Snowbee says:

    I’m not letting my kids sit on Roman’s lap.

  4. YJ says:

    Asian Santa. LoL

  5. Mummeli says:

    And where does this Frosty live? I’m sure they have a place for him.

    Similar for Santa, who lives in Korvatunturi, in Finland.

    And a newsflash for our US friends: there’s a scientific base in North Pole, and they havent seen any traces of Santa out there ;)

    Unlike in Korvatunturi, where you can visit, and see him, 364 days per year.

  6. PVinWV says:

    Santa oscillates between magnetic north and true north on a frequency that is not detectable by the human senses or any monitoring device humans have so far developed. Therefore he is always at “The North Pole” while never really being there at the same time.

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