5 Craziness, Part VIII

Craziness, Part VIII

Weird, amazing, unusual side of Russia is what we all like to see again and again. Here is another
portion of the pictures that will hopefully make you smile. Enjoy and share with your friends.
Beer Bath 1
11 Beer Bath For Real Men

Beer Bath For Real Men

One citizen of Minsk, Belarus, has invented an unusual business. He opened the first men's beauty salon which soon became popular thanks to its main service - beer bath SPA. Twenty minutes before arrival of a client they fill the special wooden bath with 100 litres of water and
twenty litres of beer. Such procedures is rather pleasant and useful. Beer is rich in B vitamins which is good for skin and hair. Besides, such baths help to cure aching joints and have an antibacterial effect. One can have a beer bath for 35 dollars.
5 New Technologies of Heat Insulation

New Technologies of Heat Insulation

Here is how they are getting ready for winter season in Ukraine. We do not know who inveted such
a method of heat insulation but hardly it would be helpful enough... What do you think?

1 The Most Beautiful Moscow Bridge

The Most Beautiful Moscow Bridge

Cars appeared on the Zhivopisny (Picturesque) Bridge over the Moscow river in 2007, but the dome hanging under the arch has not been used. They wanted to use it as
an observation deck first, then - as a restaurant, finally it was decided to make a registry office there. Now it's gonna be a cool place to get married.
7 Abandoned Military Unit At the Border With China

Abandoned Military Unit At the Border With China

In the Russian Far East, close to the border with China, there is an abandoned military unit. It is rather huge - 1,5 x 0,5 km (1 x
0,3 miles). People used to work and live there, create their families and serve their country but finally everyone left.

1 Russian Aerobatic Teams In Kiev

Russian Aerobatic Teams In Kiev

Probably you've been at an air show at least once and could see various aerobatic maneuvers in the sky. The main heroes of an occasion usually
stay behind-the-scenes. This post is about aerobatic teams "Rus" and "Pervy Polet" ("First Flight") who make the skies brighter.

17 Command Post 906

Command Post 906

Another military object that was used in the Soviet times and absolutely forgotten and abandoned
by people today. Time is merciless and it is slowly changing the spaces of this place.

16 Crazier Than Ever!

Crazier Than Ever!

Fearless Russian guys managed to get on the roof of the highest building in Europe illegally to further
climb the crane gib with no insurance. The crane they dared to climb was 380 meters (1246 ft) high!

12 When The Parliament Is Not a Place For Discussions

When The Parliament Is Not a Place For Discussions

Who told you that it's boring to shoot the sessions of the State Duma? In the Russian Parliament they really only sleep, pick noses, play in their iPads, solve
crosswords, apply makeup. They all know they decide nothing. But the situation in Ukrainian Rada is much more amusing. Sometimes real battles take place there.

5 Unusual Omelette For Breakfast

Unusual Omelette For Breakfast

This time we are going to cook breakfast. And it's going to be omelette today. It will be cooked in an
unusual way and served with tomatoes and jerked beef. But we need to have necessary ingredients first.

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