12 The Girl Who Trains Foxes

The Girl Who Trains Foxes

Did you know that foxes could be trained too and even potentially become pets? Irina Mukhametshina, 22, from Novosibirsk, Russia, is just someone who trains foxes. Her animals belong to the Novosibirsk Institute of Cytology and Genetics which is studying the process of
domestication of wild animals and trying to create a special "social" type of foxes, which need to communicate with humans. Irina tells it's quite curious to work with the foxes: they wag their tails and ask for your attention just like dogs.
1 Outdoor Winter Party

Outdoor Winter Party

Even on the coldest days people still want to have some fun. Some of them even feeling that their faces turn into "rubber
masks" do not hurry to find a warmer place. Because it's such a fun to have a cocktail party at -40C (-40F)!
5 As If In the Middle of the Eighties

As If In the Middle of the Eighties

When you travel to abandoned and acting institutes, plants, shelters, much depends on luck. Sometimes such visits end in loss only: penalties and waste of time. Sometimes you expect to see cool scientific objects but
see only boring offices, and instead of huge interesting plants you come to waste grounds. But sometimes such trips are quite successful. This trip to one scientific research institute was quite a luck.

10 Truck Hijacking In Moscow

Truck Hijacking In Moscow

This incident happened not so long ago. The criminals are still being searched. Now trucks hijacking happens more and more often. This
time the bandits even forgot about the DVR inside. They stole the truck, looted it and abandoned. See the vide from 2:40.

11 New Assault Bulletproof Shield For Russian Fighters

New Assault Bulletproof Shield For Russian Fighters

This is a unique development of Russian scientists for the army of the country. A new assault bulletproof shield was called "Zabor" ("Fence") which could be probably also listed in this post
of today. This powerful shield has a 5-class protection and can stop bullets of AKM, SVD, and even fragments of grenades, however it is rather heavy - 50 kilograms (110 lb).
3 Proud To Work Here!

Proud To Work Here!

The Murmansk hospital created a musical advertising video, where its workers sang about their job, how much
they were devoted to their work and how much they liked to "live" in this "blue house" as they called it.

1 Abandoned Water Cooling Towers

Abandoned Water Cooling Towers

These water-cooling towers are abandoned today and it seems nobody is guarding the objects,
only some dog is barking nearby. They stand unneeded but still look impressive.
16 Cool Names For Russian Military Equipment

Cool Names For Russian Military Equipment

Sometimes military equipment created in Russia gets vary strange names. While Germany has "Leopard" tank, Israel has its battle tank "Merkava",
America has its "Abrams" tank, France  - its "Leclerc" named after famous generals... In Russia we call it different. Let us see how...
Lamb in Cranberry Marinade 1
5 Russian Recipes: Lamb In Cowberry Sauce Cooked In Steamer

Russian Recipes: Lamb In Cowberry Sauce Cooked In Steamer

On winter days we especially want something hot, nutritious, flavorful. So we are going to cook lamb in
cowberry sauce. The meat is going to be cooked in a bamboo steamer to be tasty and tender.
5 Old Moscow Photo Collection, Part III

Old Moscow Photo Collection, Part III

We continue to publish photographs of old Moscow of different periods. Today we have a mixture of pictures: some are dated 1913-14 and 1927-1929, others
are of the later period. Streets, shops, hotels, cafes as they were in Moscow of the days forever gone. Also see previous parts: 1, 2.

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