7 With a Song About Beloved Company

With a Song About Beloved Company

We have found more videos made by people who are devoted to the companies they work for. This time it is the staff of the trade-union "Iskra"
("Sparkle") who sing about their job and workers of the company "Post of Russia". Probably it was fun to make the videos.

3 The Largest Supplier of Polyethylene In Russia

The Largest Supplier of Polyethylene In Russia

"KazanOrgSintez" is one of the largest companies of the chemical industry in Russia. It is very important for the development of Tatarstan economy. Today the company produces polyethylene, polyethylene pipes, phenol, acetone, ethylene glycol, ethanolamines, bisphenol,
polycarbonate and other products of organic synthesis. "KazanOrgSintez" makes more than one million tons of chemical products annually. It produces more than 38% of all Russian polyethylene which makes it to be the largest supplier of this material in the country.
10 Assorted Russia, Part 65

Assorted Russia, Part 65

Christmas and New Year holidays are just round the corner. Wonderful Christmas trees appear on main squares of various countries as well
as on Russian ones. However citizens of Gadzhievo, the Murmansk region, were a bit disappointed when saw their Christmas tree.

2 Walking Down the Spiral

Walking Down the Spiral

There are some places where you want to come back again and again. And not because they are too interesting or unusual but because they
are too big to see everything in one visit.This is one of them. After dull days at offices it's something incredibly new.
1 Urgent Delivery of Beef

Urgent Delivery of Beef

Some road accidents are curdling blood even if nobody seriously suffers. This one is
probably just such an accident. The truck spilled numerous cows all over the road...
17 When They Think It Is Time To Leave

When They Think It Is Time To Leave

When you go some kilometers away from a big city you can often see absolutely different atmosphere and living conditions there. This little town is
called Fokino and is located not not far from Vladivostok, a big city in the Russian Far East. You are about to see how people live there.

4 Juicy Ham Stuffed With Cranberries

Juicy Ham Stuffed With Cranberries

Today we are going to brighten this day with a nice dish: ham stuffed with cranberries and served with
garnish from vegetables and fruits and salad mix.  We hope some readers of ER will try to make it.
18 TOP 40 Best Photographs In Russia 2012

TOP 40 Best Photographs In Russia 2012

The photo project "Best photographs of Russia" first started in 2008. Any Russian citizen has been able to take part in it no matter if he/she has been a professional photographer or not. But only photos taken on
the territory of Russia have been accepted. This year they have chosen a lot of winners: 294!  This is TOP-40 of the best works in 2012. Some of them you could have already seen at EnglishRussia.
7 When It Is Cold As -40

When It Is Cold As -40

Poor citizens of Novosibirsk! The temperature -40 C (-40 F) is normal for its winter. If you cannot even imagine how cold it is, just see this video.
As you probably know hot water freezes faster than cold one at low temperatures, but hardly you could imagine that it happens THIS fast!

7 Computer System Unit Becomes a Part of the Desk

Computer System Unit Becomes a Part of the Desk

This post is for you if you like to remake various things and turn them into unusual staff with your own
hands. This time the computer system unit is built in the desk. The result is rather cool.  

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