6 Russian Villagers In 1938-41

Russian Villagers In 1938-41

These are the photos of Russian old believers taken by a Japanese scientist Yamazoe Saburo in
1938-41. All the shots are being presented at the exhibition now, some of them are published below.

4 The Abandoned Undeground City

The Abandoned Undeground City

There are some places you want to return to again and again. This one is so impressive that it's
cool to be there at any time. We are back at the huge abandoned bunker located underground.

1 Training Flight of ASW Helicopters

Training Flight of ASW Helicopters

We are at the airfield in the Donskoye village, the Kaliningrad region, Russia, to see the training flights of ASW helicopters Ka-27 (Ka-27PL and Ka-27PS). The helicopters
have several tasks: to find a notional enemy submarines with help of the airborne sonar system and to lift a conditional victim from the surface of the ground.
6 Lets Demolish It With Music!

Lets Demolish It With Music!

This military unit located in the center of Yekaterinburg, Russia, has been demolished
in quite an unusual way. See the process in the video and enjoy the music too.
One Building 3 3

24 One Ukrainian House

One Ukrainian House

This is the house in Sevastopol. Its dwellers have to put up with appalling conditions, used syringes under their feet, homeless people and drug addicts living at
their doors, indifference of the authorities. Nobody can or want to solve their problem. Welcome to Sevastopol, Marshal Krylov Street, building 8a.
9 Craziness, Part IX

Craziness, Part IX

Today in our selection of craziness are strange vehicles for winter roads, awesome games of railway
workers, alien dummies, dirtiest snowmen, funny kids, new ways to iron trousers and much more.
4 Once You Park Your Car In a Wrong Place

Once You Park Your Car In a Wrong Place

This video is another reason to park your car in a proper way. Who knows what can happen to the car
which was parked in a wrong place. In Russia, for example, such tow truck may come for it...

2 The Plant Making Locomotives

The Plant Making Locomotives

"Ural Locomotives" is a railway engineering company in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, not far from Yekaterinburg, Russia. It
produces freight electric locomotives and freight electric locomotives. We are about to walk along its shops.
3 The Most Beautiful Moscow Bridge, Part II

The Most Beautiful Moscow Bridge, Part II

Not so long ago we started to show you the photos of the most beautiful bridge in Moscow which is called "Picturesque". And as you already
know soon Moscow couple will have an opportunity to get married there. Today we have more nice photos of the bridge to show you.

7 December 2012 In Russia And Ukraine

December 2012 In Russia And Ukraine

This month about 40 Ukranians have already frozen to death. Though the temperatures are not so low compared to some Russian regions. For example, in the central and eastern Ukraine it is about -28
(-10-18F). The frost was followed by snowfalls - some districts are covered with snow 53 cm high (21'). In Russia the situation is not much better - this winter is trully Russian!

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