5 Assorted Russia, Part 66

Assorted Russia, Part 66

This is another Moscow house where an artist live. Maybe vandals won't spoil it when
see such a beauty. The selection of today is better not be opened while eating.
2 Will We Have a Christmas Tree?

Will We Have a Christmas Tree?

The Palace of Culture in Taganrog, Russia, is getting ready to celebrate the New Year's holidays. They have brought a nice Christmas tree to make
the holiday only better. But to bring the tree to the house is one thing, to carry it inside is another. Here they had the problem...
5 Shooting Exercises of Marines

Shooting Exercises of Marines

This is a photoreport about the marines from Vladivostok who conducted shooting exercises last week. They also inlcluded
the contol training according to the improved programs developed by the General Staff of the Russian Federation.
4 New Eruption of Tolbachik Volcano

New Eruption of Tolbachik Volcano

Tolbachik volcano situated on Kamchatka peninsula erupts again, right before the expected doomsday - on the 21st of December. So we are going to show you more photos taken by different people from various angles and from above as well. Read more...

1 How They Make Feast

How They Make Feast

This is the only company in the Russian Far East that makes fireworks. The process does not seem too difficult but it's dangerous anyway to work with explosive and flammable substances. So the work
is strictly controlled at all stages. In order people could see colorful fireworks in the sky each shell goes through dozens of hands, the process of production lasts for nine days.
3 Moscow Underground Rivers

Moscow Underground Rivers

Here is a selection of photos of underground rivers which flow under the Russian capital. They were taken in different years and
in different places. Hardly you will go yourself to places like these ones, so you can simply see them on the photos.

13 Soviet War In Afghanistan, Part II

Soviet War In Afghanistan, Part II

We continue to publish photographs of a nine-year war in Afghanistan from private
archives. These pictures are dated 1983-1985. See the previous part here.
38 The End of the USSR

The End of the USSR

It is a bit sad photo report about the end of the world USSR. The pictures were taken in 1990-1991
by photographers George Steinmetz, Peter Turnley who visited the country at that hard time.
15 Listening to the Radio With Help of Grass

Listening to the Radio With Help of Grass

Listening to the radio is not a new type of entertainment, but listening to the radio with
help of grass - it is definitely something new! But who knows how dangerous it might be?
0 How They Make Sausage In Moscow

How They Make Sausage In Moscow

The Moscow meat packing plant "Cherkozovsky" formed in the 1970s is one of the Russian leaders producing
meat and sausage products today. Today we are going to visit the plant and see how they work.

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