7 T 35, the Multi Turret Tank of the Red Army

T 35, the Multi Turret Tank of the Red Army

T-35 is a heavy tank of the 1930s made in the USSR. It is the only five-turret tank of mass production. In the period since 1933 to 1939 61 units were produced. It had not participated in battles till
1941 however was used for military parades being the symbol of the Soviet power. T-35 took part in early battles of WWII however it was lost too soon because of multiple occuring failures.

0 One of the Best Places In Old St. Petersburg

One of the Best Places In Old St. Petersburg

Petergof also known as Petrodvorets in the period since 1944 to 1997, is a municipal town of St. Petersburg, located on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. The town hosts one of two campuses of Saint Petersburg State University and the Petrodvorets Watch Factory, one of
the leading Russian watch manufactures. A series of palaces and gardens, laid out on the orders of Peter the Great, and sometimes called the "Russian Versailles", is also situated there. Here you can see the color pictures of the place from far 1931.
4 Ural Winter Fairy Tale

Ural Winter Fairy Tale

We about to visit the southern Urals where the national park Taganai is situated. In this particular case the word "southern" does
not promise any hope, in January the temperature is lower than -30C (-22F) there and strong winds do not add any comfort.
4 New Cooperative Society

New Cooperative Society

On the 26th of May, 1988 there was adopted the law that permitted cooperatives to deal with any legal activities, including trade. It was expected that
cooperatives would eliminate trade deficit and lead to improved quality of service but what they got was speculation and financial transactions to cash money.

20 My House This Winter

My House This Winter

How does a house look inside when the temperature outside is -59C (-74.2F)? Come to the city of Karaganda, Kazakhstan, to see it with
your own eyes. Just imagine for a second how cold it is! Such temperature has been in the city for several days already!
0 When You Have No Time For Prayer

When You Have No Time For Prayer

When you cannot control your own car on the slippery winter road you can remember all your life in this single moment,
but hardly you have enough time to pray. It seems nothing can help you but miracles do happen sometimes...

1 The Huge Fertilizer Plant That Does Not Function Today

The Huge Fertilizer Plant That Does Not Function Today

This plant "Kormofos" occupies the huge territory of sixty hectares. It's located not far from the city of Voskresensk, Russia. Today it does not function anymore. But it's hard to call
the place abandoned, because it almost has not been touched by looters and is still patrolled by the security. One day is not enough to see even half of all the territory...

2 In the Soulless Underground

In the Soulless Underground

The author of these pictures does not give any information where he took them and how he managed to do this. But is it really important? Just try to imagine what it was like to
work at such place, far from reality and sunlight, to listen to the neverending sounds of this equipment, see these dull and gloomy corridors every single day...

19 One Soviet Gulag: Now And Then

One Soviet Gulag: Now And Then

These are the pictures of what has remained from the Soviet Gulag. General Directorate of the camps and detention facilities (Gulag) was a division of the NKVD, Soviet Police and the USSR
Ministry of Justice. It used to be the place for mass forced imprisonment and detention in 1934-1960. Now you can see how it looks today and how it looked when it was working.
9 New Life For The Yak 12 Plane

New Life For The Yak 12 Plane

Not so long ago this YAK-12 was lying in a dusty hangar fully disassembled but today it is almost like new! Now this big and
powerful plane works for Aeroflot. Now you have a chance to see the last moments before the plane started to live its new life.

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