1 Drunk In a Taxi

Drunk In a Taxi

We often call a taxi when we need to come home from some party. Taxi drivers know that. But some
of them are really patient and can help a passenger out even when he cannot do it himself.

12 The REAL Bioshock Girl: Russian Girl Becomes The Face Of the World Famous Game

The REAL Bioshock Girl: Russian Girl Becomes The Face Of the World Famous Game

This pretty lady is Anna Moleva. Since recently she has been Miss Mass Effect 3, and her face is on the cover of the world known game. The developers of the game liked her face so much so
they offered her to sign a contract within the promotion campaign Bioshock Infinite and play a role of the main character Elizabeth in the live-action trailer of the game.
10 Fearless Photographer And His Night Watch

Fearless Photographer And His Night Watch

"Night Watch" is a series of photos of Sergey Shvaiko. He does not use Photoshop. He really travels at night time and finds various
ruins and abandoned objects of Russia and illuminates them in various ways with special equipment to take such shots.

10 Who Lives Well In Africa?

Who Lives Well In Africa?

In Liberia he is a local celebrity. Sergey Chernyshev is the only white Ukrainian who drives a red "Hummer" there. He moved to this western African country three years ago and
opened a casino there. He says he had no choice. He possesed much equipment he could not use in Ukraine anymore. Ten years he had spent in Ukraine led to nothing.
9 The Territory of Joy

The Territory of Joy

Vladimir Eshtokin started to work as a press photographer in 1991. He has been working for many magazines of Russia. He also took part in the expedition to the North Pole
where he climbed Elbrus. He likes topics related to the historic past of Russia and its culture. Most of all he likes to photograph province, people and events.
25 On the Main Russian Road These Hours

On the Main Russian Road These Hours

Something strange has been happening for the third day on the main Russian road connecting Moscow with St. Petersburg. Hundreds of cars are standing in the
traffic jam which stretches for more than 200 kilometers (125 miles). People run out of food and fuel. Drivers' state is close to mental collapse!
8 If You Like to Watch The Fire

If You Like to Watch The Fire

What can one endlessly watch? There can be different variants: 1) burning fire, flowing water, wages being paid; 2) burning fire, flowing water, a blonde parking; 3) drug addict variant: burning water, flowing fire and a snail in a costume of a steel founder shaving;
4) burning fire, flowing water, others working. This video is about the fire burning, and you can watch it not endlessly but for long eight minutes. Those who are more patient get a bonus in the middle of the video - a concrete slab falling.
20 The Story of One Armor Repair Plant

The Story of One Armor Repair Plant

This is a photo story of one armor repair base - from the times of its prosperity to its decay. The base was decided to be built in 1936. Soon Repair Base 77 appeared in the Russian Far East, the city of Voroshilov (today it is called Ussuriysk).
Officially it was opened in May, 1940 to repair tanks, tractors and other equipment. In 1953 the base turned into the armor repair plant. Today the plant is bankrupt, some of its premises were sold to private companies.

3 Instead of Pavement

Instead of Pavement

Can you guess what it is? As part of the festival "Archistoyaniye" they built an amazing trampoline in thevillage of Nicola Lenivets. Its length is 51
meters (167 ft). The trampoline is presented not only like an installation but also a pleasant and convenient way to move in space quickly.

10 After the First Snow

After the First Snow

It has been snowing for two days in the Russian city of Pskov. When it was over the
citizens could see the city like this. What's the weather like in your place?

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