1 One Photo: The Morning Call

One Photo: The Morning Call

One more short picture-only post. Something like an early winter morning in a
Russian Siberian city. People have to go to work after a night snowfall.
6 One Photo: Dress Your Kid Well

One Photo: Dress Your Kid Well

One pic post. Be sure to dress your kid well
on a photo day or you can end up with this.

13 What Business Can Be Arranged In the Nuclear Missiles Depot?

What Business Can Be Arranged In the Nuclear Missiles Depot?

In the Grodnensk region of Belarus, not far from Minojty village, there used to be a secret military base in the Soviet times. For many years nuclear missiles had been stored there. In 1997 all the depots and premises were released by the military and the
object was absolutely abandoned by people. However the place was not abandoned for long. It was sold to one businessman who came and opened an interesting and profitable business there. What do you think these depots are used for today?

6 Felt Boots Made In Belarus

Felt Boots Made In Belarus

Vasily Fedosenko/Reuters Reuters correspondent took pictures of the production of felt boots at the Smilovichi felting factory, which is
located in the town called Smilovichi not far from Minsk, Belarus. They have been felting boots here for the third century already.

32 Life of Terrorists In the Forest

Life of Terrorists In the Forest

What if a person has to live far from civilization, somewhere in the forest? The main problem becomes hygiene. Sooner or later you become less squeamish and then start eating food when your hands are not
clean, eat from fatty dishes and do not strive for perfect cleanlines. The problem of hunger and cold become far more acute. In this post you can see how terrorists live and survive in the forest.
4 Unusual ZIL Truck

Unusual ZIL Truck

What you see is an ordinary Russian ZIL truck. But hardly you can guess what can be hidden inside
of it. Its owner decided to use it in a creative way and earn some money with its help.

4 Erupting Kamchatka Volcano

Erupting Kamchatka Volcano

In November, 27th a Kamchatka volcano called "Plosky Tolbachik" awoke and started to erupt. The lava destroyed the base
of the local institute of volcanology and seismology and the base of the nature park "Kamchatka Volcanoes".

5 Old Moscow Photo Collection, Part II

Old Moscow Photo Collection, Part II

We continue to publish photographs of old Moscow. This time we present a selection of pictures mostly dated the end of the 1920s - beginning of the
1930s. Many of the buildings on these photos have been demolished and the streets have considerably changed. The previous collections: 1, 2.
9 Kamaz Crosses the River

Kamaz Crosses the River

KAMAZ is afraid of nothing! It can cross any obstacle. Look how it copies
with the challenge to cross the river being heavily loaded with logs.

13 Planes Doomed to Die Soon

Planes Doomed to Die Soon

This year Russian has lost some interesting aviation objects. An exposition of planes on Khodynka near Moscow was destroyed, Air Forces Academy in Monino was closed and,
finally, a training base of the Moscow Power Engineering Insitute and Moscow Aviation Institute was liquidated as well. We are going to visit the last place today.

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