2 Cards From Alexander Popov

Cards From Alexander Popov

You can often see photographs of Alexander Popov at EnglishRussia. He is a talented photographer who visits interesting places, production and
construction sites. Here is a selection of 100 photos from the photographer which do not relate to one topic. They are all like postcards.
3 Winter Begins From Yakutia!

Winter Begins From Yakutia!

It seems that the word "Yakutia" itself is chilly. It is so far and so cold, how can people live there? . However it's the very place to see the
real winter. It's where the pole of Сold is located and where winter begins. You can start believing in fairy tales on this land.
7 Failure To Escape

Failure To Escape

What do policemen need their guns for? In such a situation they could not protect themselves!
How didn't they hear the guy creeping from behind? Next time they will be more attentive...
24 I Am From Moscow

I Am From Moscow

"Moscow project" is the result of twenty years collaboration of Alessandro Albert and Paolo Verzone, a duet from Italy. They came to the Russian capital three times and each time found the city in key historic moments. The first photos were taken in 1991 after the
August coup which accelerated the collapse of the USSR. In ten years, in 2011 they came back to Moscow to apply to the problem of social and individual identity, and made two hundred portraits within the period of three weeks. Below are some of them.

0 The City of the Dead

The City of the Dead

Balkar nation has been forming for centuries in the valleys and gorges of the Kabardino-Balkaria highlands. The valley of the Chegem river is one of such places.  The most inetersting local village is Eltyubyu which
still has various monuments of folk architecture related to different stages of the architecture development. One of the monuments is the City of the Dead, unique in its variety of burial structures.

6 Wandering Between the Soviet Planes

Wandering Between the Soviet Planes

Planes die in different ways: some in catastrophies, others are cut into pieces or decay on graveyards. The luckiest ones come
to museums like this one, in Ulyanovsk. It is called the museum of civil aviation and has been existing since 1983.
9 Rat Hole Destruction

Rat Hole Destruction

We have shown you recently how terrorists lived in the forest. Just yesterday there was found a terrorists' bunker in Malgobek, Ingushetia.
The bandits themselves were captured though one of them exploded himself. But others had to show how they had been living there.

9 News From Russian Roads, Part 63

News From Russian Roads, Part 63

A new trend was noticed on the Moscow roads. Many drivers of the city started to close a part of a car number with
a piece of paper. It is mainly done with the rear plate but sometimes can be seen on the front one too.

3 Over Moscow With a Camera

Over Moscow With a Camera

Moscow and the Moscow region are full of places often visited by roofers. Severe cold and hours of expectation for sunrises
and sunsets do not deter them from climbing more and more heights including those which are illegal to climb to.
4 Hungrier Than Ever!

Hungrier Than Ever!

Recently in the city of Tyumen, Russia, there was made the longest Russian sandwich. The main ingredients they used were bread, ketchup and mayonnaise, lettuce, and sausage. Every
guest of the event got some to taste. The total length of the sandwich was 65,38 meters (214,5 ft). It is eighteen meters (59 ft) longer than the previous record.

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