12 In the Felt World

In the Felt World

Posted on December 29, 2012 by team

Irina Andreeva is someone who creates an amazing world from felt objects. She seeks for inspiration in special places, abandoned houses and gets it from nature. Her personal exhibition has recently opened in the city of Izhevsk.


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12 Responses to “In the Felt World”

  1. Nobody says:

    These faces look so sad. Why do Russians always look sad? Because of Putin?

  2. Dany says:

    Great idea, wonderful scenes. My cats would love those kittens too ;-)

  3. 山下智久 love the nokia lumia says:

    there is no freedom of speech and democracy in english russia…pathetic…o(︶︿︶)o

  4. Zipp says:

    Anyway, back to the post.
    She’s an amazing artist.

  5. alessio215 says:

    it’s very beautiful, melancholic and at the same time warm haerted !
    those eyes of that woman’s or girls face in the portrait look so real, maybe it is her when she was a child. now thinking her past moments in her childhood (playing with the cat under her bed) with nostalgy.
    russian womans are magical :)

  6. skopeil says:

    beautiful crafts by a beautiful women..amazing.

  7. guminyul says:

    A true fairy tale: amazing and beautiful. Congratulations!

  8. Hella Coenen says:

    Yes ones more amazing! Combination of felting techniques, both wet and dry, choice of fibres, expressing an inner mood that touches the heart.
    Beautiful……….I did want to dip her into a strong black tea with some onion skins to give her a skin colour,
    what do you think about that?

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