5 Frozen Treats Sliced Thinly

Frozen Treats Sliced Thinly

Posted on December 29, 2012 by team

The cold territory of Russia called Yakutia is very rich in fish. It’s all because there are a lot of lakes here. Tehe population of Yakutia is one million people and for each person there are 3,5 lakes! Some areas are wild, of course, but there is much fish anyway.

The market is full of various whitefish.

People often hold fish festivals.

And they make such masterpieces from frozen fish.

This one is called “Rider”.

What is this, do you think?

It’s just a little mammoth!


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5 Responses to “Frozen Treats Sliced Thinly”

  1. guest says:

    For some reason 90% of food related pictures on this site make me lose my appetite.
    Either a tragic stew that looks like the most random ingredients that were half-digested and vomited out, or some pile of food waste, or some soup that looks like watered down diarrhea, “hairy sausages” with spaghetti (let’s be honest, they could just as well be called “hairy cocks”) or this – “art” made of fish, that looks more like some experiment than an actual dish.
    Or the last pictures, they scream out of the computer screen “come right up, buy this dirty meat sold in the most unsanitary conditions! Food poisoning guaranteed!”

    And the irony of it all – old soviet pictures, those commercials of various canned foods – they had pictures of canned peas. Now even then, many years ago, a photographer knew how to make a picture of even a simple thing like peas appetizing.

    • Number says:

      U see this one wrong,those peeps there life in nature,haven’t got a dailly 8 to 5 job,ones caught enough fish,and stored it in the open freezer,they have plenty of time left,so this is some timespending of them actually,before they consume the fish.

    • Number says:

      Ow and it’s so cold stored there right after caught, the fresh fish is much more healthier then ur daily meal,i will bet with u on that one.

  2. Mynde says:

    The lady in second front looks like chechen suiside preparing bomb under.

  3. Foq says:

    thin, not thinly..

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