9 The Biggest Man In the World, Again

The Biggest Man In the World, Again

Posted on December 28, 2012 by team

Any coach of a basketball team dreams about a player who is 257 cm (8,43 ft) tall and more than 200 kg (440 lb) heavy. They dream about Leonid Stadnik!

His palm is 31 cm (12,2′) long. He lives in Ukraine, in Podolyantsy village.

He is special not only because of his size, he was always a perfect student. He graduated from school and institute with honors. Till twelve years old he had not been special, the started to grow fast when the tumor in his brains was removed. Probably it influenced his metabolism.

It’s hard for him to find shoes and clothes of an appropriate size. Shops do not sell such things.

Kind people make shoes for Leonid. The shoe-trees are made from gypsum.

But Leonid Stadnik is becoming only taller. He sleeps on the bed made to order too. Maybe soon he will become taller than the American Robert Wadlow who lived in the XXth century and was 272 cm (8.92 ft) tall.

The sign reads: “President of Ukraine”.

According to scientists, many thousands years ago there lived a human race of giant people on the Earth. Their height could reach 365 cm (12 ft), weight – 400 kg (880 lb). There were excavated huge axes and clubs with weight of 5-10 kg and even a tooth 67 mm (2.64′) high and 42 mm (1,65′) wide. The analysis revealed that the age of the found remains was 9 million years.

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9 Responses to “The Biggest Man In the World, Again”

  1. TobiasFünke says:

    According to scientists, many thousands years ago there lived a human race of giant people on the Earth”

    LOL, what?

  2. Salty. S says:

    Jah, monster päkapikk.

  3. Let says:

    Sultan Kösen is holding the guiness record. This guy is said to be longer.


  4. J Weich says:

    Since humans and their distant ancestors have only been around for less than 3 million years, that race of human giants is highly unlikely. Someone was pulling your leg! :^)

  5. gluten says:

    He is normal sized. Ukrainians are just tiny people (they used to be called Little Russians).

  6. Fred Johnson says:

    That’s one big boy! I wish him plenty of good health. (especially since very large people like that tend to have medical problems). I hope he lives a long and happy life.

  7. Alex says:

    First of all the guy is not Russian… He is UKRAINIAN! Please stop call my county Ukraine Russia. And remember, Ukraine is NOT Russia!

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