8 Motorcycles In the Russian Empire

Motorcycles In the Russian Empire

Posted on December 28, 2012 by team

Here is a selection of photos devoted to the motorcycle theme in the Russian Empire. They were found in different times and at different places so we do not know the authors of the works.

So what bikes did they ride long ago in Russia?


The men are riding “Indian”, 1916.

Shooting at the enemy ducks in 1915.

This time enemy airplanes are being shot at.



Moto-cart, 1916


Russians in France, 1916.

“Norton” motorcycle being tested. 1913-14.

Bikers are visiting the car owner (the end of the 1890s – beginning of the 1900s).


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8 Responses to “Motorcycles In the Russian Empire”

  1. Rachael says:

    Looks like FUN! Can I take a ride?

  2. Liptonius says:

    In the second-to-last shot, behind the riders right foot there appears to be a sprocket with a missing pedal… Can one of you historical bike enthusiasts tell me what that is?

    • Spacesaver says:

      It could very well be that the motorcycle is just a prop. Having said that, the sprocket in question could be for starting the motor before engaging the rear drive wheel.

  3. Flyvver says:

    @ Liptonius: That is a set of pedals as you find them on a normal bike. They were intended for use when the engine failed or when the bike ran out of gas. Here in Holland mopeds used to have them too. A cycling one of these motorbikes was very heavy and pushing it was easier, the pedals were often removed.

  4. davepen says:

    Increcible pictures. I wonder how many Harley Davidsons and Indians are languishing in Russian barns today? If you think you might know of one, look around, they’re worth a fortune today…

  5. John C. says:

    the second picture (1916) is of a Harley not an Indian, still, love the Pics!!

  6. Barry Harasym says:

    first bike ( postcard) is a circa 1914 Yale made in Toledo Ohio

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