16 Diving Deep At -36

Diving Deep At -36

Posted on December 28, 2012 by team

It was a really cold photoshoot! They made it in the Orda cave of the Perm region of Russia when it was -36 C (-32.8) outside!

According to the legend the Orda river has a spirit who helps divers in difficult situations. This became the main idea of the photoshoot. They decided to invite a two-times world champion in free diving Natalia Avseenko to play the Mistress of the Orda in the waters of the cave.

The temperature of the water was +5 C (41 F) and it was as hard as hell.


Natalia is meditating before the plunge.

Icicles freeze at the entrance to the cave.

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16 Responses to “Diving Deep At -36”

  1. Olgomoniwski says:

    Are you sure that this is à lady? Look at the jaw. I can imagine that “it” wanted to play Mistress.

  2. Dgo says:

    How deep it is?

  3. Faith Gorodki says:

    “Better stay home at -36 C!”
    That’s when the garden party begins.

  4. Nic says:

    Man’s hand, Jaw hands, man stuff in super cold water. Don’t hold my beer i Can’t do that ! :]

  5. Captain Obvious says:

    Incredible photos!

  6. Fred Johnson says:

    Yep, pay no attention to that sign.

  7. Russiafan says:

    How does she ward off hypothermia? Maybe in part this is because of her exceptional physical condition?

  8. Nergol says:

    How does water stay liquid at -36C?

      • supplyme says:

        No. Sea water freezes at about -2°C. The water is still liquid at -36°C because that’s the AIR temperature. Water has a very high heat storage capacity, which means it takes a lot longer to cool than air. That’s why the water temperature is still above 0 (5°C) even though the upper water layer may freeze up due to the direct contact with the cold air, thus forming an ice layer on the surface.

  9. BHC says:

    Why is the sign only in English? Is this not a cave in Russia? Shouldn’t the sign also be in Russian and other languages? I have read that many people from around the world go there to dive. And die..

  10. Vandenis says:

    Very nice work and stunning pictures! Big thanks for dedication!

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