23 Stalin Like You Have Never Seen Him Before

Stalin Like You Have Never Seen Him Before

Posted on December 27, 2012 by team

The image of Stalin is similar for almost everyone. Today we want to show you the leader as a person who also had childhood and youth. This is how he was depicted by Georgian artists on their pictures.

“Childhood of Soso”. (real name of Stalin was Soso Dzugashvili).

“Soso Dzhugashvili – tender years”.

“Expulsion of Stalin from the Seminary”.

“Stalin – juvenile years”.

“Stalin and Hashim”.

“Stalin talking to peasants from Adjara”.

“Stalin’s demostration in Batum in 1902″.

“Worker’s coterie under the leadership of Stalin”.

Stalin is delivering a speech.

“The ardent Colchian, being exiled, is reading a letter from Lenin”.

“Escaping from Siberia (1904)”.


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23 Responses to “Stalin Like You Have Never Seen Him Before”

  1. Macsen says:

    Stalin was still a megalomaniac mass murderer, who destroyed any hope of a true workers state.

  2. 山下智久love the nokia lumia says:

    comrade stalin was a great leader!

    • ndrez says:

      I’ve been reading your comments for some time. What on Earth makes you think that Stalin was such a great man? Just like Hitler, he sent millions of men to their deaths and it still wasn’t enough for him. He also deported their families to Siberia and orchestrated large famines. Even I know some relatives who were deported. At the end of the day, he liked to draw naked men (Yes, it’s true). Your infatuation with Nokia smartphones must have had a very, very bad effect on you.

  3. mikesierra67 says:

    Like Adolf Hitler… Another psychotic frustrated artist. And both, products of the most psychotic of political ideologies: socialism.

  4. Sindbad says:

    What is freaking is that still exist people ( usually those who suffered most from him) who praise stalin. Is like beeing admirative and buiding statues to glorify bubonic plague.This masochism is a pathological mental disease, although those who have it surely lack brains.

    • Emperor Norton says:

      The guy was the son of the village drunk in Georgia and ended up dictator of the Soviet Union and died in his bed. On top of it Russia was 3rd world country when he took it over and it was only power able to stand up to the United States after he was done. Bit of an achievement I would say.

      Sure he is the worst guy in human history after Barrack Obama, but it must be said in Stalin’s defense that while he killed 40 million people he never did anything truly nasty like socializing medicine.

  5. Osip says:

    Propaganda from Stalinist time. Phooey.

  6. windharp says:

    Don’t forget all those pictures have naturally been drawn when Stalin was already in a position to say how they should look like. So as with every dictator before and after him I doubt there is much truth in them.

  7. Buratino says:

    The continued admiration of Stalin by some is because of the war and industrialisation. Certainly he was a paranoid dictator reponsible for many deaths, and this should never be whitewashed from history. All the deaths aside, and the tragic failure of collectivisation, Stalin managed the war brilliantly. Unlike Hitler, Stalin knew he was not some military genius, and never pretended to be. He issued the wider strategic objectives and then let the professional soldiers get on with the fighting. After initial disasters, the system, whether you hate it or not, allowed the miraculous transfer of the factories from European USSR to the Urals and Siberia. Stalin may have been a bastard, but he knew what he was doing, and knew when to let professionals do their job without the sort of mad interference that Hitler engaged in.

  8. Bob greene says:

    He killed 40 million of his own people ,yeah what a great guy he was,fools..

  9. Buratino says:

    Russophobia, dim intellect, deliberate mis-reading and mis-interpreting others messages, outright lies, lack of knowledge, same tired comments from Russia’s enemies living abroad, usually in US,UK and Canada. (You really are very transparent) Same boring fools who still live in cold war, same inability to back up anything they say except with usualy childish rants of ya boo sucks to you type. Just subnormal fleas pestering a lion…..

    • Emperor Norton says:

      here is something to consider;
      The “American Dream” is that some poor kid can grow up and become a great leader by his own talent.

      Stalin did that, except he was a commie and not a proper Caucasian (as in American with western European ancestory)

      That’s why the over to the top outrage from these Americans. They hate the thought that anyone who wasn’t born a rich, white American could be better than they are.

  10. CZenda says:

    “Comrade Stalin is talking to peasants in Tskhaltubo” is a killer.

  11. Tiger says:

    So against his regime, czarism was an open democracy with full human rights. It´s a pity he reigned for so long.

  12. babal says:

    Stalin was a jew, like most of the bolcheviks who murdered the Tzar’s family and all the russian elite. That’s why they banned christianism from the country. I wonder why these facts are always hidden

    • DUSTY says:

      No, not a Jew. He went to schools operated by Russian Orthodox Church: Gori Church School, Spiritual Seminary in Tiflis,

  13. Sid says:

    Stalin was a great leader.
    It is western media who made him look like a mass murderer. During hes reign Russia was at its most powerful state. Poeple lived there much better than any average western citizen.

    You see , it is only people at the west think he was a mass murderer and as bad as Hitler. For Russian people he is a hero and a great leader. Only 5-10% of Russian brainwashed people think he was a criminal, just like western people want us to think.

  14. Ramunas says:

    QUESTION: What’s the differens between Hitler and Stalin?
    ANSWER: None! Exept, that Stalin wasn’t killed in the II World War

  15. Nopasaran says:

    I’m from the West and I think he was a good leader. He led the country through a very difficult time. The policy of the Communists has united more than 70 nations against the aggression from the west. With the victory over the Nazis the soviets ended the greatest war in history. Think before you speak…

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