4 Homemade Weapons of Terrorists

Homemade Weapons of Terrorists

Posted on December 27, 2012 by team

Here you can see how they make improvised explosive devices in Ingushetia. Such weapons are used to kill people and destroy various objects.
On the picture above the people are just going to make some “hellish machines”, as they call them.

The process is not so difficult but is always connected with risk. They can become the first and the only victim of their own weapon. Of course, such devices are far from being reliable. Successful planting is already a big luck. But someone can find and neutralize it. Or it may explode in a wrong moment or not to explode at all.

Some bandits have recently exploded themselves while making a bomb.

But what happens with ready devices? As a rule they are found at the stage of storage. Almost all others are found before explosions. If there is an opportunity to send a robot (which is very expensive) they send a robot. If there is no such opportunity – they prefer to explode the area with the controlled explosion.

This is how it may look like.

Or this way.

But more often it is a pail filled with foam. It’s classics.

When a robot completed its task they can examine the device.

” I have your sting, snake! Try to bite now!”

It’s the pail after the work of the destroyer.

When they have no robot, people are evacuated.

Why is it all kept in the yard? Because keeping them in a neutral place is only additional risk. It might happen bandits would not be able to reach a stash. They are afraid of ambush and being killed from there. It’s not so beautiful as floating on the crest of a blast wave…

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4 Responses to “Homemade Weapons of Terrorists”

  1. 70KokuSamurai says:

    Their most reliable explosive robots are people stupid enough to wrap themselves with some and go forth believing what they are doing is Gods will and they will reap a special reward in heaven.

  2. Macsen says:

    Yes, 70KokuSamurai, or simply put, the delusion of religious righteousness makes the abominable acceptable.

  3. yagur says:

    No muslims – no terrorism !!!!
    Kill’em all!!!!

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