13 Soviet War In Afghanistan, Part II

Soviet War In Afghanistan, Part II

Posted on December 24, 2012 by team

We continue to publish photographs of a nine-year war in Afghanistan from private archives. These pictures are dated 1983-1985.

See the previous part here.

The vehicles are approaching Chahi Ab across the Panj River. 1984.

The picture was taken in Sutkham in 1984.

Pilots from Odessa are waiting for a flight, 1983.

The men are having a smoke. Behind is a 120 mm heavy “Sani”. 1984.

Be aware of the mines! 1984.

Water intake from the Chahi Ab well – this place was often mined.

This is an exploded water truck in Chahi Ab, 1984.


Trophies are collected at one place. 1984.

A power line is constructed in Hawn village. 1983.


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13 Responses to “Soviet War In Afghanistan, Part II”

  1. ZenKa says:

    ufound unkown equipment from the enemy…… They are making moonshine

  2. Matlok says:

    I love these Photos from Afghanistan. Does anyone know if there are any books authored by former Soviet soldiers on the subject?

  3. YJ says:

    Swine in Afghanistan an Islamic country how is that possible?

  4. Stephanie Minkov says:

    they used to have a lot of Christians, hense pigs(even had Budhist and even a sprinkling of Jews back then, before they all fled).

  5. CZenda says:

    The man on the photo captioned as “The men who patrolled Asadabad” holds something that looks like pre-WWII Czech machine gun Vz. 26 made in GB as “BREN”.

  6. TropicalStorm says:

    A lot of outsiders who visit Islamic countries make their own booze. Even today, migratory laborers from the Indian subcontinent who work in the Middle East ferment their own brews using ripe dates and other fruits. It is illegal of course and if caught, earns stiff penalties including prison time.

  7. A.Oscar says:

    Afghanistan a enigmatic place for thousands of years: even Mongolian ancients the time of invasion towards Europe; and went to Roma. At that time Romans: when them have had colonized Iberian Peninsula and even England for 400 of years. They force themselves to go back to defend Roma and Mongolians continue invade even Persian, which today the Chinese type of face still there. For that point when the Mongolian King die most of them sati behind, included many survive in Afghanistan too, the only one’s against Taliban. Not just England also was there fighting before Soviets. Why the smart cookies of Americans have thought could be more smart there: going into the 12 years now fighting for nothing; maybe the solders was lucky by using them drugs and get drunk, that have had been so good, that in Vietnam was more or less the same, just a losers. The people in Afghanistan only defend themselves and look like damns bat Americans with such sophisticated weapons cannot win there, when the defenders try to keep the own land against Americans terrorists, when they the Americans say the other way around. That’s why Russia’s also have had received many evasions from many countries: and wasn’t only from France and Germany. Now the smart cookies also want to conquer Russia to be able to control the world, why humans getting so stupid want so much then losing all.25/12/12

    • Matlok says:

      A.Oscar I hate to sound so rude, but the c*ap you are saying is totally untrue. Uncle Sam doesn’t give a fig for taking over Russia, or anyone else for that matter. We went into Afghanistan to topple the Taliban and last I knew were in the process of withdrawing our troops. I have no desire to get into a geopolitical argument here on ER, but it’s drivel like that that hinders the growth of friendship between nations. I sense an inordinate amount of fear from those from other nations about the U.S. and the notion that it is in the business of taking over other countries. Simply Untrue

  8. JK says:

    Have you ever considered getting someone who understands English to write the captions?

  9. bb/oc says:

    Hey ‘u’all We put 50 U.S. Army Sf’ers on the ground with 2 to 3 cia advisers and kicked the commies asses. So you tell me , how we did?

    • Mike says:

      I don’t know, you tell us. If casualties are anything to go by alone, Operation Cyclone was pretty pathetic. ~14,000 Russians vs ~58,000 Americans in Vietnam. And no, it wasn’t just a handful of American SF and spooks doing it all; Pakistan was pimped out to do the bulk of the legwork.

  10. user says:

    RAMBO propaganda Movie and => World Trade Center.

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