4 New Eruption of Tolbachik Volcano

New Eruption of Tolbachik Volcano

Posted on December 24, 2012 by team

Tolbachik volcano situated on Kamchatka peninsula erupts again, right before the expected doomsday – on the 21st of December. So we are going to show you more photos taken by different people from various angles and from above as well.

The erupting volcano attracted many photographers.


In some areas trees started to burn.



The marked place is the cone that started to erupt in November, 27.

The photo is taken 2,5 months before the eruption. Nobody expected that.


People put up tents nearby. Tolbachik was erupting so loudly that people could not hear each other while talking.

Those who saw this will never forget it.

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4 responses to “New Eruption of Tolbachik Volcano”

  1. Lev Tolstoy says:

    Top notch work, as always. This is why we return to English Russia again and again. Thank you English Russia for bringing the work of these amazing photographers, and the wonders that they photograph, to the rest of us, scattered around the globe.

  2. Bob greene says:

    Wow great pics,thank you all….

  3. A.Oscar says:

    Marvelous pictures to do with eruptions of new Vulcan in Russian: at the same time at this time of the year; which English Russian has doing also a fantastic job? After all we humans must try to understand little bit more about Nature. The good and bad Nature could give good reason why that real happened; where and when. But I don’t think most of humans want to comprehend why Nature doing this? Many people or maybe most of all: take the changes of what Nature produce; like the real cold or very hot times of the year, inclusive the storms either snow or any cyclone, also gigantic storms with winds over 300 Kms per hour. Just take natural and try defending themselves only. But all of them have many reasons to acting that way: and sometimes only giving a warning what could may going to happened into the future; which could be in hours, days and sometimes years, special the way the environment have been doing. Many people may know we all ways have had that for thousands of years: but before we only had Nature evolutions, and now humans got involved which made total different, and humans have been the ones that made the most destructions, which continue ignore in the account of the won wishes, most of them egoistic types. Maybe many of them thinking we only living once: but that is selfishness; because we all should stay into progress for the others which never born yet, and we all depend from one to another through thousands of years. I wish many scientists could read some of my comments; and reflecting about some of what the ideas I may give, to do with environment created by Nature and by humans has well; also about many kind of wars have been around now and the type of Weapons of Mass Destruction, which could arm humans even more, or maybe to be more strait, only damage and deformer the planet to the point no living creatures no more exist! It’s nice seen what we never seen before like eruptions of any Vulcan, special the marvelous pictures which only courageous photographs could do, and they did a marvelous job. 25/12/12 By A.Oscar

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