38 The End of the USSR

The End of the USSR

Posted on December 23, 2012 by team

It is a bit sad photo report about the end of the world USSR. The pictures were taken in 1990-1991 by photographers George Steinmetz, Peter Turnley who visited the country at that hard time.

Someone had much…

Others had nothing…


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38 Responses to “The End of the USSR”

  1. 山下智久love the nokia lumia says:

    yeltsin was a great leader???

  2. OD1N says:

    girl in denim has nice nipples

  3. Sindbad says:

    Better a plague epidemic than a communist regime

  4. Mike says:

    Societies that kill so many of their own people, or very large empires, all eventually collapse in the end. If you are too evil, or too big, you will come to an end.

  5. America says:

    “There appeared a new kind of service… You know what service we mean.” – Umm, no i don’t. The service i think you mean is hardly new, anywhere in the world.

  6. Bijdehans says:

    So now there’s food and all the things you can afford to buy, but also rampant crime, too many cars and crazy drivers. I wonder if things got really better…

    • Grzgrz says:

      no, it,s much better to starve and fear your neighbours telling the police you brought some undregistered meat from your aunt in the country yesterday.

      Some people lack the basic idea what the communism is…

    • freirant says:

      You can always go to live in Cuba.

  7. robert says:

    artificial crisis created by the west

  8. 山下智久love the nokia Lumia says:

    yeltsin and gorbachev are sinner!
    long live comrade stalin!

    • andy says:

      Lenin died in 1924 (poisoned?), Stalin took power, he wasn’t even Russian, he brought USSR into modern world, industry, excellent education eventually – yet killed several millions of his own people, wrecked the military command in 1937-8, provided badly needed leadership against the Nazi’s in the War, then another purge after the war – he was a paranoid psychopath but did many great things. How on earth can anyone judge this mess? Soviet people both gained and lost – in long run, probably gained. At least USSR stood up to the USA.

      • freirant says:

        URSS stood up to USA…..Did that put food in your table? Did that bring liberties to you and yor family?

  9. PVinWV says:

    Wake up America. This CAN happen here!

  10. Jordan says:

    Bra shortage?

  11. skopeil says:

    I think Putin Era was the best..so far

  12. Huge change after communism.. but still who has the power in Russia nowadays. Aren’t there people from KGB? Yet Putin was KGB man…

    • freirant says:

      Such terrible human tragedy canot be fixed in one or two generations. perhaps a century will pass before the russian people achieve some kind of normality in their lives.

  13. Polish_patriot_44 says:

    山下智久love the nokia lumia,
    Katyn Massacre, 1st september of 1939 (capturing Poland and starting WWII TOGETHER with Hitler), Kolyma? Please refresh your HISTORY knowledge, cause Stalin is a PROVEN mourder. Big Ukrainian leak of food (and ukrainians love Soso still)… What about you, people? Blindness. This is real propaganda. Stalin can kill you and you will love:D
    Stalin was a thief (Ribentropp-Molotov secret pact)and mourder (you can visit Katyn, Miednoje, Harkow… But forgive my lies:D Nationalism is not patriotism thing. Yes, Stalin was a mourder of own near people (Jezow NKWD). Trotsky know the truth:D

    PS: Your chinese link is blinding your mind. Comunism… So many people died and what? Nothing:D

  14. CZenda says:

    Results of planned economy.

  15. Qirex says:

    I think that those was the results of the dictatorship. People get sick of dictators, and want to try something else. But the results can be not so good.
    Who was rich, who had power in Soviet times, is still rich and incresed their power with capitalism.
    Who was poor, is still poor and decreased their conditions of life.

  16. Stolichnaya Tech Support Station - Novaya Zemlya says:

    Thank you for downloading Soviet photo from Novaya Zemlya web server. Your download speed was smoking hot 10 baud because from electromagnetic pulse (EMP) damage to local network infrastructure from Tsar Bomba (10/30/1961). Also, cardboard box got wet in 1989 from tipsy Yuri falling asleep and making pee pee on network gateway.

    Your download begin in 1991. Apologize for 21 year download time and working to improve user experience. Expect to have Soviet state of art 14.4 KB experience by 2065. Apology that alternative — Dog Sled File Transfer (DSFT) protocol failed (was necessary to eat dogs and burn sled because of strong winter). Unfortunately, no Sneaker Net Protocol possible in 3 meter radioactive snow.

    L. Pushkin – Head of Section

  17. badr says:

    interesting photography

  18. lostonline says:

    Thanks for nothing, Yeltsin

  19. henri Bro says:

    immense nostalgy of this old time. So much humanity with all these wonderful people

  20. beleriand says:

    it’s sad that people and CP of soviet russia choosed shiny clothes and junk instead of socialism.

  21. freirant says:

    Don’t you think that seventy years of broken promises, wars, hunger, gulags and “long live to the current comrade” wasn’t enough?

  22. Oksana Khikhol says:

    Love you, MOTHER RUSSIA!!!! Love you, wonderful people with the best soul in the whole world! Please, survive!!! You struggled so much….Nobody in the world will understand….Happy Victory Day!!!

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