24 One Ukrainian House

One Ukrainian House

Posted on December 21, 2012 by team

One Building 3 3

This is the house in Sevastopol. Its dwellers have to put up with appalling conditions, used syringes under their feet, homeless people and drug addicts living at their doors, indifference of the authorities. Nobody can or want to solve their problem.

Welcome to Sevastopol, Marshal Krylov Street, building 8a.

One Building 3 2

One Building 3 3


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24 Responses to “One Ukrainian House”

  1. Dmitri says:

    My soul is hurting….

  2. MikefromCanada says:

    I feel sorry for the children who have to live here. They don’t have a chance.

  3. skopeil says:

    where are the rubbish truck?

  4. lortea says:

    Russians living in Sevastopol behave in worst possible way. Independent Ukraine should send them all to Moscow.

  5. OD1N says:

    Indifference is creating a mess. Devastation is in the brains of dwellers not junkies nor hobos.

  6. Grzgrz says:

    “Nobody can or want to solve their problem”

    How about THEM solving THEIR problem?

  7. sergio says:

    a nadie le importa , ni lo soluciona porque degradan un barrio de obreros y pensionistas . quiza lo fomenten para hecharles de sus casas y construir casas para clases altas entonces hecharan a los borrachos y yonkis para no verlos cerca

  8. deutschrassig says:

    just 3 words: ruined by russians.

    This looks like a house inhabitated by regular russians.

    everey new house will look like this after russians have occupied it.

    i’ve seen houses like this here in germany too. and yes, only russians lived in it. on the other side of the road was the same kind of house, it looked like new. both were 10 years old. the only difference: the one occupied by the russians was in a state next to be demolished (stolen doors, broken windows, some appartments were set on fire, stolen radiators, littered with tons of trash…), drunk russians are yelling out of the windows, puking, peeing and pooing everywhere in and around the house, when they’re not beating up each other, while the house were the germans live is in a very good condition. it’s kept clean by the germans living in it and everything’s fine.

    • JZ says:

      Not all russians like that, I’m half russian but I don’t do these things… education and upbringing matters a lot here and also mentality.
      And by the way, ukrainians are more
      wild and impudent, so this more like their doing.

    • hug says:

      Good. I hope they ruin your neighborhood. Your whole country in fact.

  9. Spartaaaaaa! says:

    whatsa matta Oscar, can’t handle the truth?

  10. tom says:

    This is what America will look like after Obama’s finished with it.

  11. Chloe says:

    A ten litre can of petrol and some matches will solve that problem. Come across a drug addict knocked out dose them with petrol and light em up!

  12. ESP says:

    I’m sad to see this much hate around here. Can you people imagine what drives people to live like that at the first place? I think it is poor social skills that leads to hate and ignorance, and all other problems related to these main phenomenoms.

    As long as you carry that hate with you, you are just the same mess inside yourself that you can see in those apartments. Hate less, try to understand more – that’s the only thing that binds people together at the bottom line. We all need to have the experience being understood. That’s the only way to change that kind of rubbish piles to decent living conditions. And that’s hard as hell, that’s why we have still problems. If it would be easy, there would be no problems.

    And David Maxwell, please never write anything again.

    • America says:

      Umm yeah, all i hear is vague idealistic words with no solutions. I’m not impressed. Get back to us when you have realist solutions. Until then take you’re own advice and please never write anything again.

  13. Bob greene says:

    When the junkies are passed out pour a little gasoline on their feet and light it ,they won’t come back…

  14. timothy says:

    David Maxwell, thank you for having the courage to write when so many politically correct Aholes will attack you and call you racist, or ignorant. You state facts and statistics. I personally know what you said is true. The real ignorant people are delusional about American blacks in our society, they think everything is fine and affirmative action is a good thing:(

  15. Dolores says:

    Don’t they have local councils and body corporates to enforce the rules and laws? It seems like poor management by those in charge.

  16. tea pot says:

    (1) move out normal persons(2) intern and process drug addicts [AIDS test, stage of addiction, those fit for work] (3) locate dealers and imprison quickly [labour camp](4) send in clean up crew to burn all material on site (5) execute local governor for not enforcing points 1-4 sooner. Well that’s how the USSR did it!

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