17 When They Think It Is Time To Leave

When They Think It Is Time To Leave

Posted on December 19, 2012 by team

When you go some kilometers away from a big city you can often see absolutely different atmosphere and living conditions there. This little town is called Fokino and is located not not far from Vladivostok, a big city in the Russian Far East. You are about to see how people live there.

For the last few years Fokino has been left by several thousands of citizens. According to them they could not live in terrible poverty and hopelessness. Now many flats in Fokino are abandoned and empty sockets of their windows can be easily noticed from outside.


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17 Responses to “When They Think It Is Time To Leave”

  1. Osip says:

    Actually, this seems much better than the static caravans so many Americans live in.

  2. George says:

    Public Housing on the other side of the world looks just as bleak…

  3. gus says:

    Wikipedia has census information that differs a lot from this blog. Vladivostok peaked in 1989 at 633,838, and today is at 592,069. 40,000 people is a lot less than 300,000 people.

  4. roofius says:

    lies and old photo
    2005 photo

  5. Piotr says:

    Lies! The pictures are from 2005 and there is no doubt in my mind that the place looks nothing like this now.

  6. solomon fsky says:

    Who is Anna Rap?
    Why do they write her name on the wall?

  7. A.Oscar says:

    Human behavior sometimes very hard to understand: what just show not just in Russia; but many countries inclusive USA now in same places could be the same. It’s even worse in one city in the States not very far from Mexico border: not even electricity and water be there putted by the Government. I read this case which around one thousand of people live there. How about what have been call Favelas not just in Brazil; also in many countries, inclusive in Europe and Portugal is one of them. Many times happened to be the Government fault; but not always just that, people slowly get used to live from start in a way o cares about, long are alive very good, in the other times just happened to be the circumstances of life to reach at that point because no work or no money whatsoever. Humans could live like any kind of animals when start to get used to that way. Not just mammals do that also any other creatures too adapted to the way start to live. At is a mechanism in the brain of everyone which could make good life or bad too, the habits ‘was made for good and bad, depend how to approached the way the habit progress, just like smoking excess of alcohol or anything not appropriate to give a health living. A.Oscar

  8. DirecTV says:

    `LOL “static caravans”. We call them trailer parks. ;) Some of them are nice, some are dumps. This is, um pretty dumpy….

  9. Unknown says:

    They show only the bad side of Fokino here, the town’s not that ugly at all. They’ve probably only shot the suburbs.

  10. Muzzlehatch says:

    In the West these were called “worker’s housing”. Plain buildings with no ornamentation designed for the New Communist Man.

  11. Fred Johnson says:

    There you go again, showing destroit or chicago and claiming it’s russia….

  12. Dolores says:

    Obviously no one is paying rent or council rates, otherwise they could demand repairs. If this is the case, is there no sense of community obligation where everyone pitches in and fixes all the problems themselves? If not, then they can only blame themselves.

  13. Alina Rap says:

    @solomon: It’s “Alina Rap”, but I dunno what it means.

    @Propaganda author: stop lying. We see here only 1m² of a city with abonded houses. Go to Detroit, London, Paris, Berlin and you’ll find similar places.

    Your lies about Russia suck. That’s cheap and shoddy agitation.

  14. tutan says:

    Same images for FERENTARI,BUCHAREST,ROMANIA!!!!!100% percent mach!!!!!

  15. Madak says:

    The chick in the pink top is cute.

  16. AlexFromFareast says:

    Unfortunately the buildings on the fotos are now in the same conditions as 7 years before. I in Vladivostok and i visit Fokino on business. But the abandoned buildings are only part of it small town. The citizens abandon the town. And those who stay they move to another morecomfortable parts of it. It’s declining district. In other district they build hotel and shopping centre. An what about Vladivostok, the city is much bigger as wikipedia think. And fotos of only one abandoned appartment don’t prove anything.

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