3 The Largest Supplier of Polyethylene In Russia

The Largest Supplier of Polyethylene In Russia

Posted on December 19, 2012 by team

“KazanOrgSintez” is one of the largest companies of the chemical industry in Russia. It is very important for the development of Tatarstan economy. Today the company produces polyethylene, polyethylene pipes, phenol, acetone, ethylene glycol, ethanolamines, bisphenol, polycarbonate and other products of organic synthesis.

“KazanOrgSintez” makes more than one million tons of chemical products annually. It produces more than 38% of all Russian polyethylene which makes it to be the largest supplier of this material in the country.

They began to build the plant in 1959. The first products were made in 1963.


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3 Responses to “The Largest Supplier of Polyethylene In Russia”

  1. Bob greene says:

    Looks very nice and clean employs a lot of people ..

  2. A.Oscar says:

    Slowly with some enthusiasm many factory could grow without notice: Russia could have the won problems too; but someone must start doing something for the progress to show too, but during the years also modifications has done, that for someone to understand evolution not just by the Nature. I feel some times upset with human evolutions: special to do with weapons of mass destruction; when could be cooperation to save the world and more in pról of human existence, not kill them for no reason at all. We need more good thoughts towards the future and save humankind, not just on Earth also could colonize some planets too. The Earth not that big: and even if humans never try to destroy her; still in a way evolution could give the last days, and Earth will change like many times already did in the past. The Oceans used to be were land is now: and could be seen from erosions made from ocean or sea water, indication that, liquids, solids and gases like wind, have been change to do with evolution. Inclusive the Universe never stop evolution itself; just time are the Master; and never could stop evolutions in any place in the Universe or any planet, even the stars like the Sun. A.Oscar

  3. Tiger says:

    Here is a snapshot profile from the firm´s website:

    Location- Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia
    Site area – 420 ha
    Number of employees – 8000
    Export sales share – 25 %
    Production output: – 170 items

    Open Joint Stock company “ Kazanorgsintez” is one of the largest chemical companies of the Russian Federation. “Kazanorgsintez” OJSC produces more than 38% of the total Russian output of polyethylene and it is one of its major exporters.

    «Kazanorgsintez” OJSC possesses the leading position in production of gas polyethylene pipelines, phenol, acetone, antifreeze, chemicals for oil extraction and natural gas dehydration.

    «Kazanorgsintez” OJSC has a production capacity of over 1 million tons of chemical products per year. All products manufactured by “Kazanorgsintez” OJSC are certified in Gosstandard system of Russian Federation. Company Quality System starting from 1999 is certified in International System ISO by “Det Norske Veritas” ( Italy), recertification in this system was executed in 2002.

    Budgeting system and information system SAP/ R3 were implemented following the target of management system improvement at “Kazanorgsintez” OJSC.

    High quality of products makes it possible to execute export sales about 25 % from the total output volume.The firm made 36.7 billions of RUB in sales in 2011 and delivered a gross profit of 6.4 billion RUB (in USD 1,2bn sales and profit of USD 207MM).

    Looks like a solid chemical firm to me…now the next step would be to see that also the whole machinery is home-made…

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