16 Cool Names For Russian Military Equipment

Cool Names For Russian Military Equipment

Posted on December 17, 2012 by team

Sometimes military equipment created in Russia gets vary strange names. While Germany has “Leopard” tank, Israel has its battle tank “Merkava”, America has its “Abrams” tank, France  – its “Leclerc” named after famous generals… In Russia we call it different. Let us see how…

Tank T-72B “Rogatka” (“Slingshot”).

Self-propelled howitzer 2 S1 “Gvozdika” (“Clove”).


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16 Responses to “Cool Names For Russian Military Equipment”

  1. mew says:

    ‘Frame’ and ‘Cabbage’ are the same vehicle.

  2. The US armed forces at present without a doubt with so-called ‘Christian’ pastoral input, now even put 32JN8:12 on their guns. After this, possibly DU, or spelled out, depleted uranium filled missiles with the message Ps.18:17?

  3. mak says:

    and what was that nuclear bomb USA dropped on Hiroshima called? Little boy.

    That retarded kid from USrahell did some damage….

  4. noname says:

    “Katjusha” – the rocket launcer of WWII of course …

  5. roofius says:

    normal name

  6. todd says:

    War shes an ugly thing.

  7. cockatrice says:

    That’s a lovely bouquet to play with. Acacia looks like she’d be kind of fun to drive to work.

  8. Anonyme says:

    FatBoy… USA nuclear bomb…

  9. ZenKa says:

    usa watch out…. you dont hace a chance

  10. Ego_Des says:

    Lol its our humour

  11. model citizen says:

    I like the American “Daisy Cutter” anti-personnel mine.

  12. mato says:

    what about kashtan,shkval(torpedo), akula(subm), lemonka(hand def.grenade),fagot konkurs komet metis(antitank gui.mis),strela igla(unguid.mis)

  13. Panas says:

    Russians want to stress their peace loving nature and intend to spread fraternity, cooperation and love with their innocuously named weapons.

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