1 The Most Beautiful Moscow Bridge

The Most Beautiful Moscow Bridge

Posted on December 16, 2012 by team

Cars appeared on the Zhivopisny (Picturesque) Bridge over the Moscow river in 2007, but the dome hanging under the arch has not been used. They wanted to use it as an observation deck first, then – as a restaurant, finally it was decided to make a registry office there. Now it’s gonna be a cool place to get married.

This “egg” will be used as a registry office.

However the main building of the registry office is on the ground, the main ceremony will be held here.

Now they are repairing it and should finish before the end of 2012.

There is nothing on the first floor but the elevator and the glass staircase leading up.

The second storey is for the staff.


The wedding hall is on the third floor.

It’s the ceiling.

There are two cabins, each for 6-8 persons. At the temperature -15C the elevators do not work, as well as at the strong wind. So the couples won’t be able to marry in severely cold days.


Two more elevators on the opposite side are for an emergency case.

A lot of ice was forming on the roof and there was a danger of its falling on cars. That is why they installed a special system there to prevent the roof from ice formation.


The main hall is separated with a partition. There will be marble floor here.

There is a technical room in the partition wall.

There is one more storey under the main hall. By the way, the whole construction is shaking a bit in windy weather.

Toilets are going to be located here, under the staircase.


At night the bridge is beautified with illumination.

The maximum height of the bridge is 105 meters (345 ft).

What else could be placed under the bridge, do you think?

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    Impressive structure.

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