11 Beer Bath For Real Men

Beer Bath For Real Men

Posted on December 16, 2012 by team

Beer Bath 1

One citizen of Minsk, Belarus, has invented an unusual business. He opened the first men’s beauty salon which soon became popular thanks to its main service – beer bath SPA.

Twenty minutes before arrival of a client they fill the special wooden bath with 100 litres of water and twenty litres of beer. Such procedures is rather pleasant and useful. Beer is rich in B vitamins which is good for skin and hair. Besides, such baths help to cure aching joints and have an antibacterial effect. One can have a beer bath for 35 dollars.

Beer Bath 2

“If you liked it, come again.”

Beer Bath 3Beer Bath 4Beer Bath 5

Beer Bath 6Beer Bath 7

But we are not sure if the smell is pleasant as well…

Location: Minsk, Belarus

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11 Responses to “Beer Bath For Real Men”

  1. joe dirt says:

    Seems like a waste of perfectly good beer to me.

  2. CZenda says:

    The beer is labeled as Slovak “Zlatý bažant”. Hovewer, I never saw this brand of beer in PET bottles and the label seems different to that used where I live. Maybe a local fake?

  3. Cubi says:

    “No, officer, I didn’t drink. I smell because I had a bath.”

  4. aydin says:

    if you buy it, with both meaning of the word.

  5. OD1N says:

    Beer? No thanks. Only champagne is my choice.

    • The Weight of the World says:

      Champagne with diamonds, I presume or just champagne? I’d rather have the fresh one which was not frozen at some point:)

  6. belzebub says:

    Who would do such a thing? Beer belongs in your belly! This is insane!

  7. todd says:

    I was at a hotel my wife spilt red wine in the bath the worst smell ever.

  8. 1alex says:

    And they guarantee that you won’t smell like a future Betty Ford Clinic customer after getting out of this bathtub ?

  9. John says:

    20 litres of the cheapest Beer here in Canada costs more than $73.00 If this service existed over here they would tack on at least another $100.00 Plus TAX. Minimum wage is $10.25/Hour, Most people don’t even have a job & the average person owes $30-$40000 . Well you get the picture. You are free, we are not.

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