7 Abandoned Military Unit At the Border With China

Abandoned Military Unit At the Border With China

Posted on December 16, 2012 by team

In the Russian Far East, close to the border with China, there is an abandoned military unit. It is rather huge – 1,5 x 0,5 km (1 x 0,3 miles). People used to work and live there, create their families and serve their country but finally everyone left.


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7 Responses to “Abandoned Military Unit At the Border With China”

  1. davepen says:

    This place has obviously been abandoned for a long time, but the phone still works???

  2. 山下智久love the nokia lumia says:

    i think russia need more people and money but only comrade stalin can change all that…pathetic!

  3. banana says:

    Irish & English villages, towns and cities feel like gold fish bowls when I look at the size of places on Englishrussia. It’s just amazing. It looks like a massive cooperative farm. There are a few abandoned buildings where I come from but this is amazing. who wons this site?

  4. trance says:


  5. Boris says:

    I’m always sad to see such abandoned places.
    How many workman’s hours it needed to build, how many people once lived there and worked on the apartments to make it their homes. All in vain… Now it’s all deserted, vandalized, and then forgotten.
    Very sad to see all this waste of resources.

  6. al says:

    At least the vandalism is down to nicked floor boards, not grafitti influenced destruction. But I guess this is the back end of nowhere, bit the countryside looks good.

  7. javox says:

    hahaha the phone still workin…i love u russian ehehehhe

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