4 The Planes of Tupolev

The Planes of Tupolev

Posted on December 13, 2012 by team

This year the Experimental Design Bureau “Tupolev” turned 90. It’s a good reason to show you some vehicles created by “Tupolev”.

Tu-134 stands in Pulkovo, St. Petersburg.

Pilots are having lunch.

There are no many planes in the world through windows of which one can see wings, engine, and tail.

This is “Tu-134 the Whistle”.

Tu-144 became the monument of scientific thought. Unfortunately, it did not find a decent place in the practical use. But this fact doesn’t make it less beautiful.

Tu-154 is taking off in Sochi.

And now it’s in St. Petersburg.

Tu-154 is landing in Pulkovo airport.


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4 Responses to “The Planes of Tupolev”

  1. ProudGerman says:

    The cockpit looks like it was built buy fisher-price.

  2. Sheik Yerbouti says:

    There’s an interesting article about the TU-154 on the Airliner Cafe website …


    … which is full of praise for this powerful and versatile passenger aircraft: “Yet, even hobbled, “the Tupe” still has bags of majestic style, and noble muscular looks. Frankly, the much-loved 727 feels like a Fiat Seicento by comparison with the Tupe’s Ferrari.”

  3. John from Kansas says:

    Happy Birthday to the great Tupolev OKB!

  4. Mummeli says:

    Someone explained that the coloring of the russian airplanes cockpits was due to some psycologial studies, yet all they seem to cause with that blue is anger and disgust. Also, they dont seem to sell cockpits with that coloring to any other countries. I wonder why?

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