5 Nature of Kazakhstan

Nature of Kazakhstan

Posted on December 8, 2012 by team

A Russian photographer Alexander Popov went to Kazakhstan to see its nature and take photographs of wonderful Charyn Canyon and a local ski resort Chimbulak. Some of his works are presented below.

It’s nice to be at the resort in autumn.

It’s a classic view from the antimudflow dam.


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5 Responses to “Nature of Kazakhstan”

  1. K@sey_yo says:

    Really cool! It’s always awesome to see different sides of nature in the continent.

  2. Clement says:


  3. Jane says:

    How it comes so I’ve lived 30 years knowing about the Grand Canyon but no this?

    • Thinking is great says:

      American propaganda, that is all that separates good and evil. An we know America does not represent the good in any way.

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