5 Nature of Kazakhstan

Nature of Kazakhstan

Posted on December 8, 2012 by team

A Russian photographer Alexander Popov went to Kazakhstan to see its nature and take photographs of wonderful Charyn Canyon and a local ski resort Chimbulak. Some of his works are presented below.

It’s nice to be at the resort in autumn.

It’s a classic view from the antimudflow dam.

In 2011 the skating rink “Medeo” underwent two hurricanes which fell 10 000 trees. 2 000 of Almaty citizens were subsequently cleaning the territory.

The mud flows into those holes and through the pit it flows into the canal.

Here you can see the Almaty TV tower.

Big Talgar Pass is at the height of 3200 meters (two miles). The ski resort is not open, there is no enough snow yet.


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  1. Really cool! It’s always awesome to see different sides of nature in the continent.

  2. Clement says:


  3. Jane says:

    How it comes so I’ve lived 30 years knowing about the Grand Canyon but no this?

    • Thinking is great says:

      American propaganda, that is all that separates good and evil. An we know America does not represent the good in any way.

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