13 What Business Can Be Arranged In the Nuclear Missiles Depot?

What Business Can Be Arranged In the Nuclear Missiles Depot?

Posted on December 7, 2012 by team

In the Grodnensk region of Belarus, not far from Minojty village, there used to be a secret military base in the Soviet times. For many years nuclear missiles had been stored there. In 1997 all the depots and premises were released by the military and the object was absolutely abandoned by people.

However the place was not abandoned for long. It was sold to one businessman who came and opened an interesting and profitable business there.

What do you think these depots are used for today?

A businessman Victor Kodik bought the former military depot for growing mushrooms there. Today this company supplies tons of mushrooms to Ukrainian and Russian stores. Fortunately, their buyers should not be afraid of radiation, the radiation background in the depot is even lower than the average one in Russia.

Want some?

Location: Minojty

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13 Responses to “What Business Can Be Arranged In the Nuclear Missiles Depot?”

  1. moo says:

    I know in America there is a huge company that grows mushrooms in old mine. This is neat.

  2. Piotr says:

    I hate mushrooms but this is so disgusting! How can people eat that stuff?

    • Eric says:

      Piotr, With their mouth.
      Some people love liver, snails, caviar and so on.
      Some people simply love mushrooms.
      I don’t like liver and caviar but I don’t question other people’s taste fot these.
      Deal with it.

    • Alex says:

      Disgusting? You must be out of your mind! Mushrooms are all grown this way and is delicacy. Mushrooms cooked in hot pot with meat is the best, because they soak in a taste of meat plus adding great taste of mushrooms.
      Squid and octopus look nasty fresh too! But I bet you love that shit on your sushi!

    • Mummeli says:

      And how can you drink water, as fish f**k in it? ;)

  3. Sasha says:

    Those are tasty.

  4. TrulyRestlessSoul says:

    Thats really cool. Perfect place to grow mushrooms

  5. T34/55 says:

    Before opening the topic, I thought to myself… brothel? hash crop? meth lab? Vodka distillery? And what do you know… a mushroom farm. At lest I hope they’re hallucinogenic.

  6. René says:

    Savvy business skills! Especially in this Great Recession.

  7. ProudGerman says:

    Russia has new missile sites.

  8. Zoidberg says:

    The best fertilizer for mushrooms is horse urine. I’ve been on a champignon farm and it stinks with high temperature and moisture. here they seem to have a different setup with those hanging plastic sacks. Bet the do not smell that bad

  9. Maciej says:

    Oyster mushrooms :)
    People should were a mask when working in that environment, not healthy at all! Mushrooms lovely.

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