32 Life of Terrorists In the Forest

Life of Terrorists In the Forest

Posted on December 6, 2012 by team

What if a person has to live far from civilization, somewhere in the forest? The main problem becomes hygiene. Sooner or later you become less squeamish and then start eating food when your hands are not clean, eat from fatty dishes and do not strive for perfect cleanlines. The problem of hunger and cold become far more acute.

In this post you can see how terrorists live and survive in the forest.

Those who go in their uncleanliness too far, however, can be punished by their own team. Nobody wants to see rotting bodies, lice and bedbugs. Sometimes the punishment maybe even execution.

Jihad newcomers are warned from the very beginning that it won’t be easy. In some time they stop appreciate their own lives because nobody wishes to live like this. Though they do not want to die either. They always to try to go further from the sounds of shots. As opposed to the Israeli they do not condemn those who abandon their own guys during a battle.

They live in trenches and dugouts only in winter. At other times, it is impossible to live in them, because it’s too hard to fight with dampness which can kill them sooner than the enemy.

Such treches rarely have any comfort. They usually cannot even stand up there.

Those holes are so unbearably smelly in winter! But nothing can be done, they have no place to bathe at in winter.

In summer the bandits live in tents or under the open sky. They have to keep their bases for wintering. Losing a base is a tragedy. It’s very hard to build a new dugout, especially in winter.

This base was detected and destroyed.

That is why they have to leave their bases for spring – summer- autumn period and wander in the mountains, sleep wherever they can.

Do they make fires or afraid to be found? They cannot feed a big group of people without fires, so they have to take a risk.

Sometimes they even make improvised stoves to make bread. In order not to waste the warmth they dry their trousers right over the cakes.

Here they are making soup on the fire.

But sometimes they have no products at all to cook from. Hunting and fishing save them in such a case.


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32 Responses to “Life of Terrorists In the Forest”

  1. Igor says:

    small office! than they can deal with the Muslims? build mud huts! and cry – Allahu Akbar!

  2. Igor says:

    Muslims never will be either technology or what they do not do other than – Allah Akbar! Islamic civilization is all avganistan – earthen hut!!

  3. (r)evolutionist says:

    Religion drives humanity into the grave (literally and figuratively).

  4. Ross says:

    Reminds me of the old days when I was Girl Guide in Birmingham. Do they get badges for their achievements, too?

  5. TrulyRestlessSoul says:

    Who are these fools?

  6. skopeil says:

    how this pics can be publish freely like this? They supposed to be a terrorist right? Or this is a fake posing for English Russia…bwahhaahahahaha

  7. Patriot says:

    There seems to be a trend with stories like this. CJ gave them the time of day which seems to have given them balls enough to go out and get themselves killed. The issue is that when crap like this gets a photo-op it they use it to kill people. Hopefully CJ isn’t sitting in a movie theater the next time they decide to kill people because they won’t remember his face through the masks and the hate they wear. Great job at giving terrorists the limelight.

  8. bobbob2011 says:

    Just a bunch of paintballers?

  9. Tim says:

    You site should be closed for this. And not because of the pics or post, because how text tries to tell that they are good guys. They aren’t. It’s basically saying that 9/11 was did by good guys and we should respect them? No?

    • JD says:

      You are not really forced to come here. Keep watching your fox news or whatever.

    • b says:

      when Chechen terrorist killed kids, your government called them misunderstood nation suppressed by “evil” Russia. when 911 happened, those same savages became your bread and butter of war. i personally think they should be wiped off the face of the earth. freedom fighters my ass. savages

  10. lortea says:

    True russians terrorists, so called NKVD, used to looks very different.

  11. Georgian says:

    they are not bandits or terrorists
    they are defending their countries/people from terrorist russia.

  12. America says:

    McKayla Maroney is not impressed.

  13. Richard W. says:

    No future here.

  14. Jordan says:

    Meanwhile, their leader was in his own private compound in Pakistan with his wives, watching porn and video-taping himself.

  15. Richard S. says:

    Are you calling these terrorists “freedom fighters”? as the saying goes… one’s terrorist is another one’s freedom fighter. How can islamic terrorists be freedom fighters? Please explain Georgian. Muslim terrorists do not believe in freedom. They want to impose and enforce shariah law where they occupy. I don’t need to explain what shariah law involves. Go figure.

  16. Estonian guy says:

    I wonder, when do russian people start speaking about their past. For example, Alexei, how many of your relatives were killed during Stalinist repressions? Do you know your family´s history? Are you proud that the communist regime killed 20 million people in Soviet Union? Are you a fan of such a regime? It seems to me, that in Soviet Union it was like the Stockholm syndrome. People fell in love with their platnoi-minded psychopatic leader named Stalin. And talking about those fighters who live in the forests of Chechnya… Ask why are they there? Or what would you do, when your relatives have been brutally killed, your homes destroyed. This is resistance. The same thing happened here in Estonia after Soviet Union occupied our fully functioning state and turned into a utopia. Men whose relatives were sent to Siberia went to the forests to fight back. Such action is completely normal. And speaking about Chechnya – the freedom fighters became terrorists after 9/11. After 9/11 nobody cares anymore what really happens in Chechnya. It is sad to see all those popstars like VanDamme and etc who go to Grozny to celebrate maniac-Kadyrovs birthday which is probably sponsored by russian tax-payers money.
    Freedom to Chechnya!

  17. SGWW says:

    2 Estonian guy

    We are not speaking about mr. stalin … sure he was a big asshole … but this “so called freedom fighters” they are not better then ms. stalin.

    Just a one question. Are you sure believe that they are good guys?

  18. Jelly Bean says:

    Have fun with the sausage fest, guys.

  19. VDV bob says:

    most of them, are clueless scumbags, unemployed, they had to find a place, a cause where they belong with people like them. These stories are ages away from the -understandable- chechen indenpendance fighters that existed some years ago…

    This is just the new trend, all around the world, poor morons instead of just going bandits, also got into “jihad” haha, just a trend… Most of those are russian-born, wherever they are : mali, yemen, afghan, paki, india, china, philipino, indonesia, somalia, moroco, egypt, russia, france, england, all those degenerated scum need to be exterminated, they are the regression into the middle age, when will the civilised word show guts and act ?

  20. vivashia says:

    Thank goodness the Russians are drinking themselves to kingdomcome and the Americans are doing their best to murder each other. My respect to the Chechens and the Ingushetians.

  21. ata says:

    this portal blowing bull shit- like all russians politcs. These people are fighting for Chechnya independence , they are not terorist or bandits at all. Putin is terorist agains these people!!!

  22. SHAH says:

    The author of this post seems to be liked to KGB or some Russian Gov. body , because his views changes from neutral to polarized according to the foreign policy of Russia when he post some thing of sensitive behavior. I always wondered why he can get images of some of old army barracks with military equipments & images from old defense installation.
    hey editor i am getting suspicious!

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