9 The Territory of Joy

The Territory of Joy

Posted on December 3, 2012 by team

Vladimir Eshtokin started to work as a press photographer in 1991. He has been working for many magazines of Russia. He also took part in the expedition to the North Pole where he climbed Elbrus.

He likes topics related to the historic past of Russia and its culture. Most of all he likes to photograph province, people and events.


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9 Responses to “The Territory of Joy”

  1. Richard S. says:

    A nice depiction of our Lord…
    Where can I get this?

  2. ilcca says:

    there are no mountains in North Pole to climb,U got ur north and South mixed up

  3. Dev says:

    Primitive yet somehow happy.

  4. Maus says:

    >to the North Pole where he climbed Elbrus
    Think twice… there’s no land on the North Pole… just high seas. And of course Elbrus is somewhere else in the world…

  5. skopeil says:

    awesome peoples…

  6. Northreco says:

    Where should be and. Remember most writers here are not English as their main language. The mountain is in the Caucasus range and is the highest in Europe, 10th in the world. Pretty impressive.

  7. Tiger says:

    Interesting and beautiful images. Must be in central Russia, at least the car plate is from the Jaroslavl Oblast.

  8. Liptonius says:

    I was in the Jaroslavl Oblast, once… Or was that Cincinnati?

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