6 The Plant Making Russian Helicopters

The Plant Making Russian Helicopters

Posted on December 3, 2012 by team

Kazan helicopter plant is a producer of helicopters of Mi-8/17 series. For all the history of the company more than twelve thousand helicopters Mi-4, Mi-8, Mi-17, “Ansat” and their modifications have been delivered to 100 countries of the world.

Turning shop has processing centers made in Japan.

This is a pallet transporter.

This is a tool storage of the processing center.

Here they make blades.

The Kazan helicopter plant is the only company in Russia applying absolutely different technologies in blade production (they make metal and composite ones).

In such a way they make metal blades: they are based on the rigid frame looking like a honeycomb.

These are ribs, also elements of blades.

The cell block is connected with the ribs.


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6 Responses to “The Plant Making Russian Helicopters”

  1. BY says:

    whole civilized world don`t believe it, it`s fake and photoshop! russians can only drink vodka and play balalayka! what heli-damn-copters are you talking about? ))

  2. Osip says:

    WTF? Russian workshop without even the single cross pein hammer in sight.

  3. 山下智久love the nokia Lumia says:

    we need mi-26…
    why is can take photos here???o>_<~

  4. jusa says:

    russian made means crash landings

    • b says:

      well for someone like you who has no brains, any claim can sound reasonable but then again, you probably think that words like stealth and carbon fiber are the alien technological advancement.

    • G says:

      The Mi-17 family is the world’s most popular medium transport helicopter! More than 12000 was made by the Russians.Very reliable and don’t very difficult to fly.This is the best helicopter in the medium category transport helicopters.

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