4 One Abandoned Recreation Center

One Abandoned Recreation Center

This place is an abandoned recreation and retreat center called "Beryozki" ("Birch trees"). It inlcudes a
dwelling zone, a technical and entertaining zone (kitchen, canteen, library etc), a defense underground area.

5 One School Album 1967-1977

One School Album 1967-1977

School years are different for everyone, someone wants to forget them as a nightmare, others believe them to be the sweetest time in their lives. One thing
remains unchanged for all - we spend a big part of our lives at a school desk, get first significant experience which makes us what we are.

10 Old Shelter At the Defence Plant

Old Shelter At the Defence Plant

In the Soviet times the government of the country seriously believed in the threat of global thermonuclear war which might cause unprecedented destructions, raze countries to the ground. With this in mind they were
building numerous shelters of various types all over the country. This shelter cannot be call a standard one, its construction is not typical. The shelter belongs to one defence plant in Moscow.
11 Driving In Russia

Driving In Russia

Many of these accidents could already be seen at EnglishRussia. Here we want to present a long video with a compilation of odd,
dangerous and funny situations which happened on the roads of Russia. Enjoy watching and be attentive while driving!
7 How a Yurt Is Made

How a Yurt Is Made

From a pragmatic point of view, yurt is just a folding, portable house. From a historical and emotional point of view - an area, where many generations of nomads were born and
died. The Kyrgyz treat it as something sacred. By the way, the upper part of a yurt became the state symbol which is seen on the flag of Kyrgyzstan.
7 Craziness, Part VI

Craziness, Part VI

Only in Russia: cardboard policemen on the roads, dinosaurs in the yards, grass planted in the keyboard,
strange balconies in places where they should not be and many other crazy stuff to make your day.
AeroVolga 1
3 Production of Amphibian Aircrafts

Production of Amphibian Aircrafts

Samara has many industrial companies and objects. One of them is "AeroVolga" where amphibian aircrafts are made. This company was founded in 2002 by enthusiasts.
They produce amphibians in six modifications. In Russia this company has no competitors. They make twelve planes a year and are going to make more.
Gorshkov Photos 8
2 Dwellers of Kamchatka

Dwellers of Kamchatka

Now we are going to present works of another photographer who travelled to Kamchatka as well. Sergey Gorshkov is the most titled
Russian wildlife photographer, winner of different contests, participant of many exhibitions at home and abroad.

18 Battle For Stalingrad: 70 Years After

Battle For Stalingrad: 70 Years After

19th of November, 1942. 7:30 a.m. The air over Stalingrad started shaking. Volleys of thousands of artillery shells marked the beginning of the "Uranus" operation - a counter-offensive
one, which became a radical turn in the Second World War. Seventy years have passed and last Sunday there was held a reconstruction in Volgograd devoted to that battle.
7 Soviet Aircrafts In Riga

Soviet Aircrafts In Riga

We have shown you once this dying museum of aviation right at the airport of Riga, Latvia. This time we have a portion of new photos from the place. The government
doesn't provide any financial support to the museum. It simply considers it to be too unprofitable. So only desolation is going to remain here soon.

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