20 The Battle of the Caucasus

The Battle of the Caucasus

The Battle of the Caucasus is a name given to a series of Axis and Soviet operations in the Caucasus area
on the Eastern Front of World War II. Some photos of the memorable events are below in the post.

7 Try To Park the Tank!

Try To Park the Tank!

Luckily, we see tanks on the roads only during some parades or at special places today. But what happens if a tank
appears to be on the roads with other cars in peaceful time? See how they were trying to park the Soviet T-34.
9 Where Soviet Fighters Were Born

Where Soviet Fighters Were Born

The development department of Mikoyan and Gurevich (MiG) was created in the end of the 1930s, when the Soviet air forces needed fighters with speed of at least 600 km / h and powerful weapons. In
1941 up to twenty five units of MiG-3 was produced daily. By the beginning of WWII MiGs became the most popular type of new generation fighter aircrafts of the Soviet Air Forces.
3 Craziness, Part VII

Craziness, Part VII

Weird road signs, fun in public transport, crazy car modifications, mascots in the moments of
rest, crazy police - all this and more in the selection of craziness from Russia today!
19 Soviet City of the 80s

Soviet City of the 80s

In 1985 the Moscow publishing house "Soviet Russia" issued a big album called "Volgograd" which included
works of five Soviet photographers: R. Beniaminson, V. Pavlov, E. Evzerikhin, V. Kabyshev and V. Ivanov.
8 The Highest Arch Dam In Russia

The Highest Arch Dam In Russia

The Chirkei hydro power plant is situated on the Sulak river and is the largest HPP in the North Caucasus and the highest arch dam
in Russia. Those who get there can have a good excursion program about the plant. Also it's a nice place to photograph.

8 The Tunnel of Love

The Tunnel of Love

The so-called "Tunnel of Love" is located in a place called Klevan, the Rivne region, Ukraine. In a warm season green
leaves appear on the trees, they form a fairy-tale green tunnel around the section of the railway one kilometer long.

12 My House Is Special!

My House Is Special!

One family couple from Minsk, Belarus, had been dreaming about a special place to live in. Their dream has come true.
The total area of the house is 180 m2, it includes five rooms. The project was fully realized by the owners.

4 Cows And Milking Robots

Cows And Milking Robots

Last spring a new unusual dairy farm started to work in the Samara region. The cows of the farm are milked not by people, but by robots. We are going to see how it works. They
began from buying a Soviet farm for a song - some semi-destroyed structures sinking in the mud and overgrown with weeds. And here is what they have got today.

13 Houses For Moscow Elite, Part II

Houses For Moscow Elite, Part II

Starting from 2008 the demand for real estate in "Rublyovka" has been decreasing. Many those who live here sell their houses and move abroad. This tendency is
becoming only more stronger. While the prestige of the posh village is falling, prices of its houses are only growing... The previous part can be seen here.

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