5 Russia In Miniature

Russia In Miniature

Posted on November 28, 2012 by team

It is like the biggest and the best toy for a kid! And though we once showed some photos of this we have some more today. The unique museum in St. Petersburg does not leave anyone indifferent. The Grand Model of Russia is a miniture with the area of 800 square meters, more than two kilometers of railways, fourty control computers, thirty buttons launching interactive scenes.

The first part of the photos shows Saint-Petersburg.


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5 Responses to “Russia In Miniature”

  1. John from Kansas says:

    Wow,that is some train layout. Incredible! Thanks for posting.

  2. RB says:

    very captivating and just try to guess how many man hours went into this,must be close to half a million.

    but honestly you have to admit that without USA spy films from the sixty’s none of this would have been possible. The detail is exquisite almost as good as the film. ha ha

  3. w says:

    Where’s the miniature rubbish?

  4. alim says:

    I spent there about 6 hours and that wasn’t enough. It’s actually BIG! A lot of cool “easter eggs” like snow people and such, moving cars, ships, trains and people and animals, day/night change, a lot more. When I was there it was’n completely finished yet (about 75% was done), so I’m planning to visit it again in January.

  5. Bogdan Radu says:

    How many hours may AN ADULT to spent there? I love Russia from many points of view… each thing the Americans or the West are doing once, Russia will double it as image, video, color, sensibility, precision… I would like that my diorama have some Russian trains

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